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What are the unbreakable stones of legend?

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Why is the sword in the stone is a legend?

People think that's how King Arthur the first became king of Britain during the fifth century.
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How do you get the Stone Mask in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

In front of the giant wall on the road to Ikana Canyon, there's a ring of stones. If you look through the eye of truth, you will see Shiro, the exausted stone soldier. No one (MORE)

The mystery of Death Valley's sailing stones still attracts theories

Visitors to an area of Death Valley known as the Racetrack Playa might notice a strange sight on the desert floor. The expanse of parched dirt is studded with so-called "saili (MORE)

Whiskey Stones: What Are They?

Whiskey stones, also referred to as scotch or soap stones, were developed to keep drinks cold without adding any ice. Many whiskey and scotch drinkers prefer to enjoy their sp (MORE)

11 Reasons Why Emma Stone Won Our Hearts

Emma Stone has had roles in movies across many genres, from her work in "The House Bunny" to her role in "The Help."Emma's voice is sultry and raspy--a little like Hollywood a (MORE)
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Bladder Stones in Cats

Bladder stones are rock-like deposits of minerals, crystals and organic material that can be found in a cat's bladder or urinary tract. (MORE)

Kidney Stone Removal: When is Surgery the Best Option?

Kidney stones are a common problem. They result from chemical imbalances in the urine that can occur when you are dehydrated. Dehydration leads to higher levels of these chemi (MORE)

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How do you get the unbreakable giants knife in The Legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

This is how you do it Pocket Cucco - Go speak with the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village who will tell you she's breeding a new type of Cucco. She'll give you an egg to test run (MORE)

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What is the Gaelic word for 'unbreakable'?

In Scottish Gaelic: do-bhriste In Irish: dobhriste 'Gaelic' languages include both Scottish Gaelic and Irish, making it impossible to know which one is being asked for. You ar (MORE)

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What was Bruce Willis's injury in unbreakable?

he was supposed to have been injured in a car accident but it turns out he wasn't, he faked it so he didn't have to play football and could spend the rest of his life with his (MORE)

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How do you get into the Stone Tower temple in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

just go into that giant entrance that looks like its tongue sticking out (its in ikana canyon) you will need to hold down some switches using the statues created by the elegy (MORE)