What are the units of bhp?

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The units are horse-power. One horse-power = 550 ft.lbs/sec B.H.P. stands for brake horse-power. The word brake does not affect the units, it simply specifies the way in which the horse-power was measured. This in turn means that the horse-power was measured rather than calculated or estimated.
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What is bhp?

bhp is short for british horse power..

How do you increase bhp?

as far as i know, you should increase the rpm of an engine..because theoretically Power=2*Pi*N*T/60 where 'N' is the rpm. you should correspondingly improve the quality of the

How do you calculate BHP?

You need to measure the torque of the engine. This is best done at the rear wheels using a rolling road dynamometer. You will get a readout giving the torque throughout the re

What does Bhp in bike is?

Brake horsepower or BHP is the amount of power the engine providesat the wheels. The is in contrast to traditional horsepower ratingswhich are measured directly at the engine
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What is 165kw in bhp?

5.0 L http://www.answers.com/topic/holden-v8 (165 kW (221 hp)) .