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The main advantages of using pointers are
1.) Function cannot return more than one value. But when the same function can modify many pointer variables and function as if it is returning more than one variable.
2.) In the case of arrays, we can decide the size of the array at runtime by allocating the necessary space.
C has a minimum number of fundamental data types - a single character, a single integer or float, and a few derived data types such as a structure, an enumerated list, and an array. If you want to do much more than that, you make use of pointers.

Pointers allow you to dynamically request memory to store off information for use later. They allow you to create linked lists and other algorithmically oriented data structures.
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What is the use of pointer?

    Answer       To point with.     Answer     1. To manipulate parts of an array.   2. To return more than value from a function.

What are the specific uses of pointer to pointer?

Answer   A pointer to pointer variable can hold the address of another pointer variable.   The Syntax is as follow:   type** variable;   Example::   //fun

Why you use pointers?

Because you can produce fast and efficient code. Function arguments are passed "by value", and so you can't change the original value of the argument, but if you use pointers,

What are the uses of pointer?

We use pointers to refer to objects in memory. Unlike a namedobject which can only refer to itself, a pointer can refer to anyobject in memory. A pointer is a variable. Just a

Uses of pointers?

In computer terminology, pointer is a programming language. It is  an important part of C language. Uses of pointers: C pointer, C  arrays, C linked list, memory-mapped hard

In pointers what is the use of pointer variable?

Pointer is a variable that stores the address of another variable . So pointer basically stores the address of another variable and size of pointer can be evaluated by using s

What is pointer and use of pointer?

A pointer looks a bit like a stick. I use it to point at something. Read your text book, read C tutorials on the web and if you still cannot answer the question consider flo

What are the uses of ' this' pointer?

The 'this' pointer is a special pointer that exists in every instance of a class and essentially points to the object itself. It's quite common for an object to refer to itse

How do you use a pointer?

A pointer is a reference to a location in memory that is a primitive type in C and other low-level languages. An example use would be if you wanted to store data at run-time

What is pointer why you use pointer?

Pointer is a variable that stores the address of another variable. Since pointer is also akind of variable, thus pointer itself will be stored at a different memory location.

What is pointer and why pointer are used?

A pointer is a variable which is used to store address of a variable. They are used to point to another variable. eg:- int *p; // creates a pointer of integer typeint num; //

What are the uses of pointers in c?

Pointers are used (in the C language) in three different ways: To create dynamic data structures.To pass and handle variable parameters passed to functions.To access informati

What are the use of pointers?

1) Pointers provide us a means through which we can directly access the memory location of a variable. 2) Pointer's support dynamic allocation routines. 3) Pointers can improv
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What is pointer and pointer types and uses of pointer and the meaning of pointer?

As the name suggests Pointer is used to point towards something ,here in this case it points to another variable and stored at a memory location. Pointer is a variable that st

What is pointer and where it is used?

A pointer is a variable used to store a memory address. That is, we  can use a pointer variable to refer to another variable (including  other pointers).   Although many

What are the uses of pointers in C programming?

Pointers are used to store memory addresses and to allow indirect  access to the values stored at those memory addresses. C uses pass  by value semantics by default, but by