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A waterfall can power an electric generating plant with the energy of the falling water. Waterfalls are also very scenic and can attract tourists. Niagara Falls is used for both of these purposes.
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How do you use waterfall?

Answer     In pokemon? You have to get the HM. The location depends on which game.       he probabaly means where to use it i also need to find that out

Why are waterfalls useful?

Waterfalls put oxygen in to the water which first helps the fish breath well and second make the plants grow Evan better which meens more food for us Waterfalls can also gen

Where is the waterfalls in US?

see this link for the relevant information you require   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_waterfalls#United_States

Which waterfall in US falls upward?

None. An 'upward falling waterfall' is a contradiction in terms. As the name indicates, waterfalls consists of water falling to a lower level. Water, nor any other object fo