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A waterfall can power an electric generating plant with the energy of the falling water. Waterfalls are also very scenic and can attract tourists. Niagara Falls is used for both of these purposes.
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What US National Park has the most waterfalls?

Glacier National Park with 200 waterfalls.

Why does waterfall?

Because it is a liquid and it will always flow to the lowest pointit can find

What is the main Criterion for deciding whether or not to use waterfall model in a software development project?

The critieria is based on what other techniques you might employ. The waterfall method in SDLC (software development life cycle) has been largely discounted in favor of more

Which waterfall borders US and Canada?

Niagara falls == In addition to Niagara Falls, there are also some much smaller falls on the Canada-US border in Quetico Provincial Park. There are three falls at Niagara. Two

What are the two highest waterfalls in the whole of the US?

Both falls are in Hawaii. One is the Olo'upena Falls (2,953 feet) and the other is the Pu'uka'oku Falls (2,756 feet). See the Related Questions Link, below, for information on

How does the waterfall start?

by a high current that is from the sea in to a river and over time the rock has worn away by the water then a waterfall is formed with a very high current!

What is the highest waterfall in the US?

Yosemite Falls on the Yosemite Creek in California at 739 metres or 2425 feet, is the highest in the United States and the 6th highest in the world.

How waterfalls can be used by humans?

Waterfalls can be used by humans for drinking, it can be used for energy and it can also be used for washing clothes.

What is a waterfall?

A waterfall is formed by lakes and rivers. Then water falls so it creates a waterfall. Waterfalls are a stream of gushing,river, water that flows over the edge of a vertical n

Why do you have waterfalls?

To begin with, the river tee runs along the top of a cliff. It then flows over the side, forming a basic overhang. The force of the water (the average is a volume of about 50