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What are the various subjects in Swinburne's art and in what medium?

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Which Swinburne ? They are Henry, Julia & Edward. You will find those three on www.artvalue.com
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How geography is art subject?

At universities, Geography is considered a BA (Bachelor of Arts) because it isn't a science, which would make it a BSc. It's probably because much geography is studying case s

What does the word medium mean in art?

The medium is what makes the picture, sculpture etc. Oil paint is the commonest medium in painting, but there are also acrylic, tempera, crayon, ink, watercolor, etc.   A s

What is the subjective frame in art?

A subjective frame is a where you give your own opinion on another persons artwork, and to feel what the artist felt when the were designing and working on that particular pai

How does an art medium transmit feelings?

Art mediums transmit feelings in a psychological or say mental way. Its the magic of color and humanity including our sense of sight and touch. Different mediums share princip

What are the subject for culinary art?

Some of the subjects include things like Baking, Garde Manger, Pantry, basic cooking classes, Banquet, Nutrition, Front of the House etc.

Ssc marathi medium subjects?

Marathi Science & Technology

What are the mediums of performing arts?

Performing arts are those in which no physic record exists after the art work is created. The more common performing arts are music and theather in which live actors present p

What are the mediums of visual arts?

The mediums of the visual arts are: painting (oil, acrylic or watercolor), sculpture, ceramics, photography, mixed media, digital art, installation art, earth art, video art.
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Why is art your favorite subject in school?

Haha strange question! But Art is my favorite GCSE subject because you can express your thoughts and emotions through canvas. Art is always someone trying to tell you somethin

What is elements of medium of visual arts?

The medium is the material that you are working with to create the  artwork. This can be clay, paper, canvas, fabric, ink, and paint,  among other things.