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What are the various subjects in Swinburne's art and in what medium?

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Which Swinburne ? They are Henry, Julia & Edward. You will find those three on www.artvalue.com
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What art mediums did Pissarro use?

  Camille Pissarro (French, 1830-1903) used all the usual mediums found in the 19th century. Obviously, his oil paintings are the most sought after and admired. Pissarro a

What does medium mean when used in art?

A medium is what ever you are making your piece of art out of. Such  as: paper for a painting, clay for a clay bowl, wall or ceiling for  a mural, etc. A medium in art is an

What are mediums of visual art?

Mediums of visual art refers to what was used to create the art. Oil paint, watercolor, acrylic paint, tempera paint, fresco, ink, pencil, marble, bronze, clay, film are all m

How does an art medium transmit feelings?

Art mediums transmit feelings in a psychological or say mental way. Its the magic of color and humanity including our sense of sight and touch. Different mediums share princip

What are the mediums of performing arts?

Performing arts are those in which no physic record exists after the art work is created. The more common performing arts are music and theather in which live actors present p

What are the mediums of visual arts?

The mediums of the visual arts are: painting (oil, acrylic or watercolor), sculpture, ceramics, photography, mixed media, digital art, installation art, earth art, video art.

Different kinds of medium in arts?

The Various types of paints includingoilsacrylics watercolors pastels gourd art encaustic painting face and body painting fabric painting digital art

How is medium related in art?

"Medium" or "media" is the material used to create a piece of artwork. Examples would be oil paint, graphite (pencil), Photoshop, mixed media (combinations of different medias
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What are mediums in art?

The term medium refers to the materials which an artists uses. Many mediums have been used by painters but there are four main mediums often considered: 1. Fresco , in