What are the wiring connections for a 3 phase motor starter?

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The incoming three phase supply connects to the starter terminals L1, L2, and L3. The out going voltage to the motor connects to the starter terminals T1, T2, and T3. If the motor turns the wrong way interchange any two of the T terminal wires at the motor.
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How do you draw a 3 phase forward reversing motor starter with timer?

Much harder to type than to draw it out. M1: 3 phase motor xfmr1: 600/120 or 480/120 150va, ground the neutral M1F/M1R: Special fwd/rev motor starter or with interlock PB1/2: (MORE)

Why magnetic starter switch is used for 3 phase delta motor?

They are a really heavy duty switch and are used because they can handle high current(amps) caused especially while the motor gets up to full speed, and can handle repeated st (MORE)
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Can you connect a single phase motor to a 3 phase supply?

Yes. Simply connect the motor across any two of the lines. Make sure, however that the line-to-line voltage is the same as the rated voltage of the motor. The reverse does not (MORE)

How do you draw a 3 phase forward reversing motor starter with overload?

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