What are the words to born to make a mess?

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Isn't it oh so tragic?
That I still despise those who always had it
My only choice is the refusal to pay
But it wont make this heartache go away
Because I still fell so sick of it
High rise buildings and this culture shit
This boredom destroys every thought
And I can't trust myself with want I want
Hey I was born into a mess naked undressed
Can't pretend that it doesn't mean a thing
This happiness that corruption brings
Cause it is freedom they say
But I can't wait for this freedom to go away
Cause I can't find any peace here
Just used emotions everywhere
And gratitude to a trickle down deal
Like that could change the way that I feel
Hey I was born into a mess naked undressed
All that is offered is going to break
Cause I want so much more than it can ever take
I want to shake hey I want to move
So no more cheap thrills for me and you
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