What are the words to describe the appearance of person?

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Adjectives such as attractive, handsome, ugly, tall, short, fat, overweight, thin, slim, broad-shouldered, big-nosed, pretty, of average height, fair-haired, and raven-haired may be used to describe a person.
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What are some words that describe the strengths in a person?

The balance of mind, body and soul. It doesn't matter if we are famous, rich, poor, but if we are kind, help others, are honest, loyal and know we are only human and make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes then we can be at peace with ourselves. To understand others it's best to think first b (MORE)

What word is best to describe the person you love?

i personally think that the word ineffable is a great word to describe anyone your at a loss for words. ineffable: incapable of being expressed or described in words. "you are truly ineffable." it's almost like you could read the whole dictionary and pick out every wonderful word but no (MORE)

What word describes a person hater?

If someone hates an individual person, or several persons who are not similar in any special way, the person doing the hating might be called hateful, or spiteful. If someone hates a whole group of people based on ethnicity, race, nationality or any number of other characteristics, the person might (MORE)

What are the words to describe the appearance of food?

Appearance attributes . Food color . Fluorescence Translucency Gloss . Browning . Light scattering . Count . Size . Shape . Volume . Weight . Flavor . Taste, Oder / smell . Sweet, sour, bitter, salty . pungent , spicy, sharp . Umami . Texture. . Cohesiveness: Degree to w (MORE)

What word describes a good person with the letter I?

Ideal Idealistic Illuminated Illuminating Illustrious Imaginative Immaculate Immune Impartial Impeccable Impish Important Impressive Improved Improving Improvisational Incisive Incredible Indefatigable Independent I (MORE)

What are fifty kind words to describe a person?

1. amazing . 2. sexy . 3. loving . 4. gorgeous . 5. hot . 6. kind . 7. funny . 8. generous . 9. compassionate . 10. beautiful . 11. affectionate . 12. tenderhearted . 13. gentle . 14.beneficent . 15.benevolent . 16.gracious . 17. considerate . 18. thoughtful . 19. indulgent . 20. (MORE)

A word that describes a unreliable person?

unreliable... untrustworthy...? --or a more defined answer? capricious , deceitful , deceptive , delusive , disreputable, dubious , erroneous , fake , fallible, false , fickle , fly-by-night, furtive , hallucinatory, hollow , implausible , inaccurate , inconstant, irresponsible , ma (MORE)

What is a word that starts with an I and describes a person?

Here are a few words that begin with the letter I and describe someone: . interesting . intellectual . intelligent . irresponsible . incredible . insolent . insane . innocent . imaginative . innovative . impatient . ignorant . impish . immigrant

How do you describe a person in one word?

There are many ways that you can describe a person in one word.Some words that can be used are, nice, kind, loving, loyal,adorable, sweet, evil, mean, and scary.

Words that describe a persons personality starting with the letter d?

· daffy · dapper · debonair · decent · decisive · demanding · dense · deranged · determined · devilish · diligent · dimwitted · dirty · disagreeable · discreet · disgusting · dishonest · (MORE)

Words that describe a persons personality?

The way the person is like is just what to think, a Carma person very gentle, smooth, and kind. A hard person very hard act. A happy person really merry, cheerful, delightful. Raconteur

A word that starts with the letter A to describe a person?

Able, abrasive, abrupt, abusive, adventurous, affectionate, aggravating, aggressive, agreeable, aloof, ambitious, amorous, angelic, annoying, antagonistic, appreciative, artistic, athletic and authoritative are words that describe a person. They begin with the letter a.

What does the word rubio describe as a person?

blond hair yes that can be too But also Spanish: nickname from rubio 'red' (Latin rubeus ), probably denoting someone with red hair or a red beard. source: http://www.ancestry.com/facts/rubio-name-meaning.ashx

Word beginning with you to describe a person?

Adjectives that describe a person include useful, upbeat, unassuming, unbiased and understanding. People also can be described as uncouth, unfriendly, unpleasant, unruly and useless.

Words that start with r to describe a person?

· radiant · ravishing · reasonable · reckless · reliable · remarkable · respectful · responsible · rich · righteous · romantic · rotten · rude · ruthless

Word to describe a person voice?

do they have an accent? describe it. does the person smoke? it would probably be gravelly. are they hesitant in their speech? is it smooth? smooth as silk? some people describe peoples voices as "jappy" meaning snobby sounding. is it deep, or high pitched? do they stutter or slur their words? to the (MORE)

Words to describe physical a person?

short, tall, slim, thin, fat, plump, stocky, broad-shouldered,big-nosed, oval-faced, attractive, pretty, ugly, handsome,muscular, strong, weak, fair-haired

Can you have a list of personality describing words?

Yes. Here are a few words to describe personality. pretty, ugly, arrogant, snide, rude, crass, sleazy, elegant, bum, posh, foul-mouthed, conservative, shy, retiring, adventurous, kind, nasty, abusive, understanding, soft-hearted, tender, quietly-spoken, passive, quiet, biased, compassionate, fair (MORE)

What are 100 words to describe a person?

· ambitious, artistic, articulate, admirable · brilliant, brave, bright, beautiful · courteous, competent, creative, classy · decisive, dapper, diligent, discreet · energetic, eloquent, experienced, educated · fearless, faithful, fashionable, flawless · generous, gra (MORE)

Which word to describe a person with the letter I?

· idiotic · impartial · impolite · ignorant · illogical · impatient · incompetent · inconsiderate · independent · industrious · infantile · inquisitive · insightful · insolent · inspiring · intelligent · irreverent

What words describes a person that starts with r?

· rambunctious · rational · ratty · realistic · reckless · refined · reliable · repugnant · respectful · responsible · righteous · rotten · rude · ruthless

What is a word that describes a person with mental disabilities?

Most single-word descriptions of mental disability are considered to be insulting in various degrees. There are words that refer to particular forms of mental disability, illness or disease. However, some of the phrases normally used in polite society in the first part of the twenty-first century ar (MORE)