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What are the world's slowest animals?

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The world's slowest mammal is the Three-toed sloth.
The world's slowest reptile is the Giant Galapagos Tortoise.

The world's slowest bird is the American Woodcock.

The world's slowest fish is the Dwarf Seahorse.

The world's slowest mollusk is the Banana Slug.
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What is the world's slowest animal?

well as you probaly know that the seepamonopamwam is extremely slow but the 2 lapizid spider beats it but that's not slowest is the beengrastos faces fobaboo with a maxamam sp

What is the world's slowest car?

The world's slowest car is the 1885 Mercades-Benz Motorwagen. It has three very thin wheels; two in the back and one in the front for steering. It has a V1 engine, a whopping

What is the world's slowest fish?

  The slowest-moving fish are the sea horses (Syngnathidas), of which there are about 30 species. Some of the smaller species, such as the dwarf sea horse (Hippocampus zos

What is the world's slowest and smallest animal?

There are many insects that are unknown, and many that are microscopic, invisivble to the human eye. It is impossible to know the answer to your questiong. However, the slowes