What are the world's top-selling cigarette brands?

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Top 10 selling cigarette brands by the sale price are:
  1. Marlboro
  2. Mild Seven (Japan)
  3. L&M
  4. Winston
  5. BlockCamel
  6. Cleopatra (Middle East)
  7. Derby (Latin America)
  8. Pall Mall
  9. Kent
  10. Wills Gold Flake (India)

Top 10 selling cigarette brands by the sale volumes are:
  1. Marlboro
  2. Winston
  3. Camel
  4. Parliament
  5. Pall Mall
  6. Classic
  7. Red & White
  8. L&M
  9. Hilton
  10. Doina

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What brand of cigarettes did Barack Obama smoke?

Obama did/does, infact, smoke Marlboro Reds. According to the man himself in an interview in the Chicago Tribune, circa 2004, Obama said he smoked "3 to 4 Marlboros a day." Check out the related link below for further proof.

How many brands of unfiltered cigarettes are there?

For American unfiltered cigarettes, the most common brands are Camel, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall. Discount American unfiltered cigarettes include Liggett and Pyramid. Some other small name brands make unfiltered cigarattes too, such as American Spirit and Nat Sherman (Havana Ovals). English Ovals, C (MORE)

What are the worst brands of cigarettes for your health?

there are no worst cigarettes its all tobacco poor answer, I've heard Newport Menthol 100s are the worst because of their high tar levels. Marlboros also have a high level of nicotine, while Camel has a much lower level. agreed

Which is the world's best computer brand?

It depends on the kind of computer you wish to buy. There are several categories of computers and what individual needs are. Here are some of the best computers for different tasks: . Gaming: Alienware- these computers have raw power, perfect for gaming and movies. They are some of the best out t (MORE)

A brand of cigarettes used in the 1920's?

\n. \nThough Marlboros were introduced in 1924 (as a woman's cigarette) the most popular brands of the day were (in order of popularity, most popular first): Lucky Strike, Camel, Chesterfield, Old Gold, Raleigh. The French brand Gitane was introduced in 1927. See link below titled "THE TOBACCO TIME (MORE)

Whats the best cigarette brand in the UK?

Tip: stop smoking! Makes your skin ugly and wrinkled + you have 80% chance more than the average person that you will get cancer and die. Do yourself a favour and buy: http://www.quarkbase.com/niquitin.co.UK xKbx

What brand of cigarette does ville valo smoke?

He has currently quit smoking as of feb 2010 while in Australia during soundwave, but yer he used to smoke marlboro reds alot. He used to smoke Marlboro Lights but then moved on to Marlboro Reds. He smokes about 60 cigarettes a day.

What cigarette brands are tested on animals?

i believe American Spirit is not tested on animals. GO VEGAN! Update: American Spirits did not previously test on animals. However, they were bought by RJ Reynolds several years ago and now do. Nat Sherman is the only brand that still does not test.

Canada's top selling cigarette brand?

(in response to the previous post) Marlboro has sales somewhere around absolute 0 (kelvin) despite it's attempts at entering the Canadian market nobody like them (making them nowhere near the top Canadian brand, maybe the 100th), although Philip Morris (the parent company) has some sales of other (MORE)

What is Kiefer Sutherland's favorite brand of cigarettes?

In the article about him published in the "Rolling Stones" magazine, they say he is smoking Camel Light. In an article detailing his 48-day jail term (November, 2008), the magazine "Men's Vogue" mentions the brand, but not whether they are Camel Filters or Camel Lights. On every picture of Kiefer (MORE)

What is the best cigarette brand?

Marlboro is top brand in 30 countries people likely to buy and smoke. Please check the related link for a interactive world map and bar chart. You should know cigarettes are horrible for your health. .

What brand of cigarettes did frank Sinatra smoke?

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x20so4_frank-sinatra-chesterfield-promotio_music In the above video he says Chesterfields. This is accounted for in several pieces of media and also movies and pictures from events he was seen at.

What brand of cigarette did Kurt Cobain smoke?

Kurt Cobain is said to have smoked a few different brands through the years, including Winston Lights 100s. However, in his later years, he either hand rolled his own or smoked American Spirits in the dark teal blue box. A pack of American Spirits appear near his body in the crime scene photos taken (MORE)

Does Newport cigarette brand sell non-menthol?

Yes. Newport does make non-menthol cigarettes. They're in a red pack, and they're called Newport Non-Menthol. It's pretty much their version of Marlboro Reds. They were introduced in 2010.

Price of cheapest cigarettes in Canada and brand?

CHeapest absoloute brand is natives. there about $5.00 for 200 (10 packs). there dirt cheap. but if you want NORMAL cigarrettes that dont taste like crap. belmonts, more, discounts and putters range from 4.00 - 7.00 putters go for about 4-5 depending on the store discounts for 4.00 more and belmonts (MORE)

Is it viable to have your own cigarette brand?

Oh you have hit on a big one. How I would love to have my own cigarette brand at this point in time. To me the answer is a definite yes. I do not know if you have taken any Micro or Macro economic classes yet, but you will find that cigarettes are a very Inelastic product. Which means, to a smoker w (MORE)

What brand of cigarette did John Lenon smoke?

kent Perhaps. But Kent cigarettes weren't available to him in Britain (where he lived for 31 years). He originally smoked Woodbines, later the British form of Peter Stuyvesant, interrupted by a Gauloise phase. He lived in New York and Los Angeles during the last 9 years of his life, and Kent would (MORE)

What are well known cigarette brands?

Marlboro is the best-known brand, along with other older brandssuch as Camel, Newport, Pall Mall, Kool, Virginia Slims, Capri,Winston, Parliament.

What brand of e-cigarette is the best?

My personal favorite is N Joy . Maybe Blu, Volcano or ProSmoke.. The starter kits are usualy around $54.00 and include everything you need including 25 cartridges. The 25 cartridges that the starter kits come with will last you a little bit over a week. After that new 25packs will cost you abou (MORE)

What are the world's most top ten valuable sports brands?

Here is the list and what each team's brand is worth: 1. New York Yankees -- $328 million 2. Manchester United -- $285 million 3. Real Madrid -- $240 million 4. Dallas Cowboys -- $208 million 5. Barcelona -- $180 million 6. Bayern Munich -- $178 million 7. Arsenal -- $176 million 8. B (MORE)

What brand of cigarettes are the healthiest to smoke?

none of them. the name of the brand has nothing to do with the cigarettes its like Dasani and spring mountain they are both regular water bottles but with different names. And honestly, there is no such thing as a healthy cigarette they all contain tobacco which may cause lung cancer. Many people in (MORE)

Who makes best of the best brand cigarette?

In the US Marlboro and Camel are pretty popular brands, as well as Newport and Kool. "Best" is really more of a matter of personal preference though. I'd have to say that I prefer Marlboro 27's, but that may be because they're pretty rare and hard to come by where I live. Otherwise, I smoke Lucky St (MORE)

What brand of cigarettes have the least nicotine?

According to Niki from Yahoo answers, here is what she says. "From what I have come across, Newport cigarettes neither have the highest nor the least amount of nicotine, tar, and CO. Here's a site that lists all of the cigarettes and their harmful substance contents by amount. Good luck =]"

What is the top selling electronic cigarette?

There are no real statistics for these products at this point; some estimates put global sales at around 2 billion US dollars. There are some 'industry leaders' in the global market, with the largest being JoyeTech (makers of the eGo system; also known as the 510 standard). There is no authority i (MORE)

What cigarette brands are bad?

That depends on what you have a taste for. I think Camels taste disgusting. And Salems taste bad for a menthol. Just because I hate Camels and Salems doesnt mean every smoker is gonna call em bad too. But nonfilters are the baddest cigs out there in terms of your health. Dont be fooled by lights and (MORE)

What are the names of cigarett brandes?

American Legend Ashima Bond Camel Capital Chesterfield Davidoff Dunhill Fortuna (You can find in these brand atAz-smokes.com) Gala Gauloises Gitanes Glamour Gold Classic Golden Gate Hilton Karelia Kent Kim Kool L&M Lucky Strike

Who makes the cigarette brand Pall Mall?

Pall Mall cigarettes are manufactured by the American tobacco company R. J. Reynolds. The company is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Pall Mall is also manufactured by the British company British American Tobacco.

What are some popular cigarette brands?

Some of the popular Cigarette brands are Philip Morris, Marlboro, Camel, L&M, Pall Mall, Dunhill, Benson & Hedges, Winston, Mild Seven, Newport, Lucky Strike, Kool and many others.

Which clothing brand is the world's most popular?

Polo Ralph Lauren, Levis, True Religion, Nike, and Abercrombie & Fitch make up some of the world's most popular clothing brands. The most popular brand is very subjective. Out of all of the popular brands there isn't just one that is overall the most popular.