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Lightning, the sky, and he is the god of the universe when he "killed" his father, Kronos, and took his throne.
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How are Atlas and Zeus related?

Zeus and Atlas are first cousins. Both Zeus and Atlas share the same paternal grandparents, Gaia and Uranus. Zeus' parents are Cronus and Rhea (who are themselves siblings) and his uncle is Iapetus, who sired Atlas with an unknown mother.

How are zeus and atlas related?

Atlas was the son of Iapetus, the Titan who embodied Mortal Life (his sons were Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius). So that means that Kronos was Atlas' Uncle (as Iapetus was Kronos' brother). Since Kronos was Zeus' father, that means that Atlas and Zeus are first cousins.

What is Athene the goddess of and what is her relation to Zeus?

Athene is the goddess of wisdom and war strategy. She was very clever. She is the daughter of Zues. Legend has it, before Athene was born, Zeus set persuit on a beautiful goddess named Mitus. When he finally caught her they both turned into beautiful rings and "hooked up." However, later an oracle, (MORE)

Who is related to Zeus?

Zeus's parents were Cronus and Rhea and was married to Hera. His children include Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Persephone, Dionysys, Perseus, Heracles (Hercules), Helen, Minos, the Muses, Ares, Hebe and Hephaestus. Not all of Zeus's children are Hera's children because Zeus had a tend (MORE)

Who is Athena the goddess of and what is her relation to Zeus?

\nAthena is the goddess of wisdom. She is Zeus's favorite daughter. Her mother is Metis. When Zeus swallowed Metis because he was afraid of a son Metis was going to have, Zeus had a big headache, some one split open his head and out came Athena.

Whom was Zeus related to?

Zeus was related to most of the gods and goddesses such as Hades and Posiaden.he was also the father to many children including Hercules , Apollo and Perseus. his wife is hera and his mother and father were Cronus and rhea.

What is Athena the goddess of and what is her relation to Zeus?

In Greek mythology, Athena is the shrewd companion of heroes and the goddess of heroic endeavor. She is the virgin patron of Athens, which built the Parthenon to worship her. Zeus swallowed her mother the Titan Metis (who was his consort) and Athena burst forth from his forehead fully armed with w (MORE)

Are Aphrodite and Zeus related?

Yes, Aphrodite is Zeus's daughter. This is the common Aphrodite. There is another Aphrodite myth that says she was the child of Uranus alone and that he was castrated and his sperm went into the sea and she was born from the sea foam. This version is known as Aphrodite Urania.

How is Zeus related to Prometheus?

The Titans were all related. There are 12 Elder Titans who are all sons and daughters (6 each) of Uranus (pronounced Yurinus) and Gaia (pronounced Gaya). Iapetos and Kronos are two of the Elder Titans. They are full brothers. Iapetos is Prometheus' father, and Cronus aka Kronos is Zeus' father. Ther (MORE)

What is the god Zeus related to?

Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea, who were the children of the first divine couple, Uranus and Gaia.The twelve Olympic gods are either the siblings or children of Zeus.

What are things Zeus did bad?

One of the bad things is that when Zeus was just an God he had a wife so Zeus thought that her son is going to be stronger than him so when the new baby was born he ate him up.he also had many affairs he was sexually active alot and had many children.

What bad thing did Zeus do?

He ate his first new son, because he thought his new son was going to be stronger than him. So after his son was born he ate him right away before anything bad happens. also if you are reading this.... but GET A LIFE AND STOP READING this......i mean who cares about Zeus and his life hes dead...gone (MORE)

How are Hephaestus and Zeus related?

Hephaestus was Zeus's son. Hephaestus is the son Zeus and Hera. Sometimes it is said that Hera alone gave birth to Hephaestus, without male fertilization.

What bad things did Zeus do?

While mostly a good god, he married his sister, was a prolific adulterer and threw his son off the top of Mount Olympus simply for being repulsive.

What is Eos' relation to Zeus?

Eos was the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Thia. Zeus is the son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Since all the Titans are brothers ans sisters, Zeus and Eos would be cousins.

Are King Oedipus and Zeus related?

Yes , Theban King Oedipus and Zeus, the king of the ancient Greek gods, are related. Specifically, the sea god Poseidon and Zeus are brothers. Poseidon is the father of Prince Agenor of Tyre, the father of Theban King Cadmus. Cadmus is Oedipus' great-great grandfather. So that makes Zeus Cadmus' g (MORE)

How is Aphrodite related to Zeus?

In most myths, Aphrodite was born from the sea foam, so she would have no relation to Zeus. In other myths, Aphrodite is Zeus' daughter by Dione. he may be her father

Did Zeus ever do any BAD things?

he killed many peole by touching inapropiatley he had sex with a lot of wemen and raping. and he even ate HIS OWN KID what kind of ediot...well tht is all i got to say STUPID

Is Philotes related to Zeus?

Yes. Nyx was Philotes's mother, she was also the mother of Aitherand Hemera (siblings of Philotes) who were the parents of Gaia,Ouranos, and Thalassa. Gaia and Ouranos produced the Titans, ofwhich Cronus and Rhea were among, and Cronus and Rhea are theparents of Zeus.

How is the sphinx related to Zeus?

Typhoeus was the father of the Sphinx, this being the son of Gaia, who is the grandmother of Zeus - being the mother of his parents Rhea and Cronus.

How did hera Zeus and Athena related each other?

You mean how are they related to each other? Zeus married Metis, and heard of a prophecy that said that the child she will give birth to will overthrow him. So he swallowed her. After awhile, Zeus began to get headaches, and Athena popped out of his head. So Athena is the daughter of Zeus, and Hera (MORE)

How is Zeus related to khione?

The father and mother of Zeus (Kronos and Rhea) were siblings of Hyperion and Theia, whose daughter Eos, the Dawn, was mother of Boreas, who is the father of Khione with Oreithyia.

Is Zeus related to all the gods and goddesses?

Since ALL of the Greek divinities came from a singular source (Chaos), then yes, all of the gods and goddesses are related in one way shape or form. In the example given below, Aphrodite was born after Kronos castrated his father Ouranos, and cast his genitals into the sea. After some time, the sea (MORE)

What was Zeus relations?

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How is Odysseus related to Zeus?

it is to do with Poseidon and the way he reacted, Zeus did not like it and he got involved to stop what Poseidon was doing and he made Poseidon stop what he was doing and do it Zeus' way.

What are the relations did Zeus have?

Athena had a relationship with Zeus because Zeus had a really bad head ache and one of the cyclops made an axe and chopped Zeus's head and Athena popped out of his head. So Athena was his daughter.

How does the griffin relate to Zeus in Mythology?

Griffens are winged monsters who were popular in both Ancient Greek art and later in Medieval art. In Aeschylus , Prometheus warns Io about them: "...Beware of the sharp-beaked hounds of Zeus that do not bark, the Grypes (Griffins)..." They were called "hounds of Zeus throughout other tales as well (MORE)

What gods are related to Zeus the greek god?

All of them. In Greek mythology, all of the gods, titans, monsters and creatures can trace lineage back to a single point: Khaos. Thus, all of them are related - and quite closely too.