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What are things people bring to the movies that you wish they'd leave at home?

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cell phones, kids
Anything that makes a noise - crunchy foods, rattly wrappers, slurpy drinks and so on. They could leave their appetite for junk food at home.
Any food that has a strong odor.
Their buddies who they cannot resist talking to.
Their obnoxious laughter
Big hair-dos
Little kids to R rated movies
Lice and bed bugs (Really! This Does Happen!)
Colds, flu or other infections diseases to spread to other theater goers
Bad runny nose (all that honking of your snot is gross)
Unmedicated ADHD (that jiggling leg shakes the connected seats for quite some distance)
Babies (full disclosure: did that when a poor college student - and I'm apologizing for it now)
Overactive hormones (we came to watch the movie, not you making out - or worse)
iPad (come - on! Make up your mind what you want to be entertained by)
Really strong body odor - the kind that a quick shower with soap would fix
Nasty smelling feet (especially when taken out of the shoes and propped up on the seat in front)
Tea-cup bladder (i.e. getting up for the restroom multiple times during the movie)
Sleep apnea (please don't start snoring during the movie)
Odiferous flatuence (wait until those beans and broccoli you ate are fully out of your system)
Bubble gum - if they plan on snapping and popping it
Anyone they can't help arguing with
Laser pointer (funny to you - not the rest of us)
Squirt guns (another juvenile prank)
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