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What are three changes Solon made in Athens?

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In an attempt to give something to appease all citizens, he gave something to all:
Debt slavery was abolished, and he bought back those sold to other cities.
Existing debts were rationalised to restore certainty to the small landowners most prone to failure and loss of land.
Citizens were classified according to income so that everyone knew their place.
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Who was solon?

  Solon was an ancient Athenian leader who came into power in 594 B.C. He canceled all land debts and returned salves to their families. Although he helped most of the poo

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THE QUESTION IS - WHO IS SOLON?? Solon was a greek lawgiver, poet,and aristocrat who paved a road to democracy in Greece, Athens!!! - Larry D

Who is solon?

solon was the father of democracy. he is the reason that today we can vote for our leaders.

The powers Solon was given to control the arguing factions of Athens are called?

dictatorial Solon was given a position known by political theorists as a Legislator (see Machiavelli): a person who is recognised to be wise who is given authority to craft fo

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Living from the early 7th to the late 6th century BCE, the ancient  Athenian Solon is considered to be one of the central founders of  Athenian democracy. For instance, agai

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Solon was an Athenian statesman and lawmaker who is remembered for  his efforts to fight the moral decline in Athens. He is credited  with being the founder of the Athenian

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Solon was given power to reform the social problems which  threatened a revolution. He eliminated debt-slavery and other  social problems, arranging for the redemption of fa

When did Solon reform Athens law and society?

In 494 BCE he was appointed to avert an impending civil war between  the large landowners and the small farmers. He didn't reform law  and society - made some very modest ch