What are three different kinds of magnets?

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Permanent Magnets
Permanent magnets are those we are most familiar with, such as the magnets hanging onto our refrigerator doors. They are permanent in the sense that once they are magnetized, they retain a level of magnetism. As we will see, different types of permanent magnets have different characteristics or properties concerning how easily they can be demagnetized, how strong they can be, how their strength varies with temperature, and so on.

Temporary Magnets
Temporary magnets are those which act like a permanent magnet when they are within a strong magnetic field, but lose their magnetism when the magnetic field disappears. Examples would be paperclips and nails and other soft iron items.


An electromagnet is a tightly wound helical coil of wire, usually with an iron core, which acts like a permanent magnet when current is flowing in the wire. The strength and polarity of the magnetic field created by the electromagnet are adjustable by changing the magnitude of the current flowing through the wire and by changing the direction of the current flow.
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How are magnets different?

Magnets are different even though they have south and anorth pole red is south, blue is north Magnets are available in different shapes and sizes.it is available in: horseshoe shape, ring shape,bar shape and cylindrical shape

Name three properties of magnets?

1. Magnets Attract or Repel Depending on the poles facing each other. 2. Its magnestism or magnetic field decrease if it is broken in half. 3. Magnetic Field is stronger near the poles than in the centres.

How are temporary magnets different from permanent magnets?

They are temporary, they can only attract for a few seconds, aspermanent magnets can attract for as long it is needed. Answer A permanent magnet is a material which retains its magnetismonce any external magnetising force has been removed. For example,when the current passing though a coil w (MORE)

What are the three properties of magnets?

1. It will always rest in North-South direction. 2. If a magnet is broken into many small parts then each part will behave as a magnet with North and South Pole respectively. 3. Like poles of magnet repel each other and vice-versa.

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What is the difference between a magnet and magnetic material?

magnet attracks magnegtic material but magnetic meaterial does not atterck or repel\. magnet attracks magnegtic material but magnetic meaterial does not atterck or repel\ The magnetic material is any material in which for a short time the domains are alligned in same direction.This material can be (MORE)

What are the three uses of a permanent magnet?

Three uses of a permanent magnet are: 1. In the needles of compasses which are used to navigate airplanes and ships; 2. In fridge door seals, to hold the doors closed; 3. In loudspeakers and microphones, which need to have permanent magnets as well as electromagnets to work.

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What are three properties of a magnet?

1. Magnets attract iron and other ferromagnetic materials such asneodymium and cobalt. 2. Magnets attract or repel other magnets. 3. In addition one part of a magnet will always point north whenallowed to swing freely.

Different magnetic deviation and magnetic variation?

In relation to aviation... Deviation is the difference between a true heading and the compass heading. The compass heading is different from true due to magnetic fields induced by the components of the aircraft. Variation is the difference (angle) between True North and Magnetic North. Variati (MORE)

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What is the difference between magnet and magnetic and magnatism?

A magnet is an object that is magnetic if it displays magnetic properties. Think of it like this; If bar magnet attracts a piece of metal towards it, it is using magnetism (fluxuations in electric current) and therefore the magnet can be said to have magnetic properties.

How are temperary magnets different from permanet magnets?

Permanent magnets, such as magnetite or rare-earth elements, retain their magnetic properties perpetually, while temporary magnets exhibit magnetic properties only when affected by a magnetic field produced by an electric current or another permanent magnet.

What kinds of materials are attracted to magnets?

The metals iron, cobalt, and a few nonmagnetic elements (copper as a example, is not by nature magnetic; however many such elements can be attracted to magnetic fields with proper tweaking of the magnetic fields) there is a book published by Lindsay publications that explains. it may be out of print (MORE)

What are three ways to destroy the magnetism of a magnet?

By heating the magnet, By repeatedly stoking it with small hammer, By winding the insulated copper wire around the magnet, like electrical winders do and passing the electric current in right direction to destroy magnetism in it.

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How are electro magnet different from permanent magnet?

Electro magnets differs from permanent magnet because it requires electricity. A simple electro magnet consists of an iron rod wrapped in a coil of copper and when electricity flows through the copper, a magnetic field is formed.