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What are three main zones of the open ocean?

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surface mixed zone , transition zone, deep zone
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What are facts about the open ocean zone?

The open ocean zone is also referred to as the pelagic zone. Facts  of the area include that it is everything in the ocean except the  coastal areas. It is the top sunlit la

What is the definition of open ocean zone?

The deepest, darkest area of the ocean beyond the edge of the continental shelf. Open ocean is the part of an ocean where there is no land within a reasonable distance.

What are some animals in the open-ocean zone?

Any water in the sea that is not close to the bottom is in the pelagic zone (meaning "Open Sea"). The pelagic zone occupies 1,370 million cubic kilometres (330 million cubic m

Adaptations that animals have in the open ocean zone?

Animals in the open ocean are torpedo shaped for speed and in particular, Flying Fish   actually jump out of the water to disconcert it's predator, the tuna and changes at

What are the three ocean zones?

The surface mixed zone, transition zone, and deep zone. But, the pyncnocline and thermocline are also phases of them. And there is the intertidal zone, the neritic zone, and