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What are three main zones of the open ocean?

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surface mixed zone , transition zone, deep zone
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What is the depth of the open-ocean zone?

The open ocean is split up into three parts: the intertidal zone (near the surface) the neritic zone (on the continental shelf) and the deep ocean zone. The deep-ocean zone's

What is the definition of open ocean zone?

The deepest, darkest area of the ocean beyond the edge of the continental shelf. Open ocean is the part of an ocean where there is no land within a reasonable distance.

Salinity in open-ocean zone?

Salinity is the saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of water.  The average ocean salinity is 35 ppt. This number varies between about 32 and 37 ppt. Rainfall, evapo

What is an open ocean zone?

The open ocean is also known as the pelagic zone. The open ocean  includes all ocean waters excluding the coasts and encompasses 223  million miles.

What is a open-ocean zone?

Zone away from shore upto effective light penetration .

What are facts about the open ocean zone?

The open ocean zone is also referred to as the pelagic zone. Facts  of the area include that it is everything in the ocean except the  coastal areas. It is the top sunlit la