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What are three method other then voting to participate in politics?

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Join a party. Stand for election. Support a candidate by doing things like raising money, advertising or canvassing for them.
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Join a political action committee. Join a lobby. Join a special interests. That last one is typically for Democrat supporters, but some special interests are Republican, well predominantly Republican that is, like the NRA for example.
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What are two ways to participate in the political process other than voting?

Voting,\nAffiliation with a political organization or interest group,\nDonating money,\nWriting/contacting political officials,\nAttending protests or rallies (civil disobedie

What is political participation?

the act of of a person or group taking part in the spheres of decision making in relation to governmental or state affairs

Most common method of political participation?

Voting in a Presidential election is how most all people contribute to their government as this is their big leader. It is definitely the most common way of participating.

What is participation in politics?

Aristotle made mention that man is a political animal. If you agree to this, then nobody can avoid being in some way or the other.

What are the three forms of political participation?

The three main means of political participation is protest, like the Boston Tea Party. Disobedience, like the acts that were done in the Vietnam War era, and conventinal parti

What are the three methods of voting on a bill?

1. you can write to government and tell them you favor that particular bill 2. you can get involved in the bill by initiative 3. you can write or speak to committees and h

What other mechanisms aside from voting for elected officials are available for the ctrzens to participate in governance?

The election of officials occurred only during the 482-year period of the Roman Republic. During the subsequent 503-year period of rule by emperors (27BC-476 AD), officials we