What are three online business models other than online auctions?

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Online Business Models There are a number of online businesses models. Other than auctions, the three that come to mind are the e-commerce/merchandising model (sale of goods or services over the Internet), content model (typically advertiser-supported or sales of premium content) and subscription/membership model (access fees to use a site or particular online service).
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What are some good online auctions?

e-bay, globalcarexchange.com are number one but I could recommendyou a good article on wikihow and they will teach you how to makeany auction website as good as eBay, or even

What are online auctions?

Online auctions are auctions on the internet, e.g., e-bay , where you bid online for items you want to buy. There are also a number of live auctions. See related links se

Business selling directly to other business online?

Did you do your keyword research first? Is there any demand? Here's what I would do: ---------------------------------------------------------- 1) First validate t

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online auctions?

Advantages: 1) Merchandise has exposure to the traffic of the online auctionsite. 2) If an item is popular, bidders can push the price up beyond itsstarting price. 3) If you a

What is a online reverse auction store?

A reverse auction is a type of Auction in whichthe roles of buyer and seller are reversed. In an ordinary auction(also known as a forward auction), buyers compete to obtain

How do online penny auctions work?

Online Penny Auctions work by harnessing the power of individuals all betting for the same item. In a traditional online auction, the bidder pays nothing unless he/she wins th
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What exactly is an online reverse auction?

An online reverse auction is exactly the opposite of a regular, or forward, auction. A buyer who knows exactly what they are looking for creates a listing, and sellers 'bid' o
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How does an eBay online auction work?

An eBay online auction works in the following way - potential buyers place their bids of the product that is being sold, and after the auction ends, the buyer who places the h
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What are the most famous auctioneers online?

As they have the greatest trading volume, eBay may be considered the "most famous" online auctioneers. Some other auction platforms that are also well-known include uBid and O