What are top ten gangs in the world?

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No the top ten are in order from the best to least:

1. Mara Salvatrucha (MS13)
2. Cripz
3. The Munjiki
4. 18th Street Gang
5. Bloods
6. Aryan Brotherhood (AB)
7. Triads
8. Jamaican Posse
9. Mexican Mafia
10. Ku Klux Klan
Those are the top ten.
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Top ten sports in the world?

1. American Football 2. Basketball 3. Baseball 4. Track and Feild 5. Beach Volleyball 6. Hunting/Fishing 7. Hockey 8. Soccer 9. Tennis 10.Golf .

Who are the top ten pianists in the world?

Igor Stravinsky. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Ludwig van Beethoven. Antonio Vivaldi. Johann Sebastian Bach. Aaron Copland. Sergei Rachmaninoff. Josef Hoffman. Vladimir Horowitz. Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli

Top ten millionaires of world?

According to Forbes, the Top 20 Billionaires are the following: . Carlos Slim Helú . Bill Gates III . Warren Buffett . Ingvar Kamprad . Lakshmi Mittal . Sheldon Adelson . Bernard Arnault . Amancio Ortega . Li Ka-shing . David Thomson . Larry Ellison . Liliane Bettencourt . Prince (MORE)

World top ten sports?

1. korf ball. 2. kabaddi. 3. poker. 4. pie/hot dog eating. 5. clay pidgeon shooting. 6. wrestling/mud wrestling. 7. conkers. 8. tiddly winks. 9. shove ha'penny. 10. solitare

What are the top ten mountains in the world?

Everest 8.848 Nepal/Tibet ----Asia K-2 8.611 Pakistan ----- Asia Kangchenjunga 8.586 Nepal/India Asia Lhotse 8.511 Nepal Asia Makalu 8.463 Nepal/Tibet Asia Cho Oyu 8.201 Nepal/Tibet Asia Dhaulagiri 8.167 Nepal Asia Manaslu 8.163 Nepal Asia Nanga Parbat 8.125 Pakistan Asia Annapurna ---

What are the top ten strongest currencies in the world?

http://www.the-top-tens.com/lists/best-currency.asp This site does not answer you question. All it is, is a site were ppl can vote for their own country and it typical form India has alot of votes. But the day that the strongest currency in the world is the Indian Rupee is the day that the known w (MORE)

What are the top ten spirit brands in the world?

I know 3 of the 10. -Hangar One Mandarin Blossom Vodka. -Germain Robain XO Cognac. -Aqua Perfecta Pear Williams Eau De Vie. I know 3 of the 10. -Hangar One Mandarin Blossom Vodka. -Germain Robain XO Cognac. -Aqua Perfecta Pear Williams Eau De Vie

Top ten soccer players in the world?

1st. Lionel Messi 2nd. Cristiano Ronaldo 3rd. David Villa 4th. Carlos Tevez 5th. Kaka 6th. Xavi 7th. André Iniesta 8th. Yaya Touré 9th. Ronaldinho 10th. Iker Cassilas but all people have different opinions, this is from me serveying my class, so it wont be so accurate

What are the Top ten endangered animal in the world?

Black Rhino The Black Rhino is native to southern and east Africa . Since 1970, the Black Rhino population has declined by 90% to less than 3,000. They are killed primarily for their horns. Trade of Black Rhinos has been banned for more than twenty years. Although having banned trading of the spec (MORE)

Who are the top ten soccer goalies in the world?

Iker Casillas (Real Madrid/Spain) . Julio Cesar (Inter Milan/Brazil) . Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus/Italy) . Petr Cech (Chelsea/Czech Republic) . Edwin Van der Sar (Manchester United/Holland) . Victor Valdez (Barcelona/Spain) . Sergio Asenjo (Atletico Madrid/Spain) . Guillermo Ochoa (America/Me (MORE)

What are the top ten dangerous snakes in the world?

ranked by venom toxins Rank 1 : Taipan Rank 2 : Krait Rank 3 : Philippine Cobra Rank 4 : King cobra Rank 5 : Russell's viper Rank 6 : Black Mamba Rank 7 : Yellow-jawed Tommygoff (fer-de-lance) Rank 8 : Multibanded Krait Rank 9 : Tiger Snake Rank 10 : Jarararcus (MORE)

What are the top ten largest islands in the world?

The top ten largest islands in the world are Greenland, New Guinea,Borneo, Madagascar, Baffin, Sumatra, Honshu, Great Britain,Victoria, and Ellesmere. The World Atlas is a valuable resource forthis information, and more about the world.

What are the world top ten biggest libraries?

10. New York Public Library New York City, NY, USA Founded in 1895, this library stocks over 11 million books. 9. Vernadsky National Scientific Library of Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine . Founded in 1919, this library stocks over 13 million books.. 8. Harvard University Library Cambridge, MA, (MORE)

Top ten army of the world?

by technology: Israel USA North Korea Russia India (rest are even) By quality Israel USA India Russia France ( maybe) By nukes USA India Israel china North Korea (Israel is immune to nukes, check arrow missile) By AF ( air force) India Israe (MORE)

What are the top ten scams in the world?

There are really less than ten kinds of scams, it's just that there are thousands of variations on them. There are three scams listed on one website, named "salting the mine", "the gold brick" and "the snake oil scam". In the first, someone is putting a bit of gold dust around a worthless mine so (MORE)

Top ten enterpreneurs in the world?

King Croesus, Pope Sixtus IV, Benjamin Franklin, P.T. Barnum, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Siegel, Ray Kroc, H. Ross Perot, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak

What are the top ten airlines in the world?

According to the 18 million international travelers polled by Skytrax between June 2011 and July 2012, the results are below: . Qatar Airways . Asiana Airlines . Singapore Airlines . Cathay Pacific Airways . ANA All Nippon Airways . Etihad Airways . Turkish Airlines . Emirates . Thai Air (MORE)

What are the top ten religions of the world?

by percentage of World Population the top 5 are Christianity _ between 29 and 32 per cent (%) Islam _ between 20 and 25 per cent No religion _ between 16 and 20 per cent Hinduism _ approx 14% Buddhism _ approx 7% these results come from when people are actually asked 'What isyour religion?' betwee (MORE)

Top ten zoo in the world?

We live in a competitive society that always wants to know what's best. There are "Top 10" lists for everything from city populations to college sports teams. I don't rank zoos from best to worst, nor do I give them an overall numeric score. Ranking zoos is a subjective matter. Some visitors want to (MORE)

What is the top ten street gangs in the US?

Blood Alliance Crip Alliance La Gran Mafia Nuestra Familia Folk Nation People Nation Netas Association(Puerto Rican gang) Tiny Rascals Gang(Asian gang) Oriental Outlaws Gang(Asian gang) Brown Pride Gang(Hispanic gang)

Who are the top ten rappers in the world?

1. EMINƎM 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. White guy from D12 5. 2Pac 6. Biggie Smalls 7. Dr. Dre 8. Ice Cube 9. Eazy-E 10. No One people r so dumb like this bonus T.I 1.Tupac 2.Biggie 3.Eminem 4.Lil wayne 5.Nas 6.50 cent 7.Jay z 8.Ice cube 9.the game 10.Lloyd banks

Top ten wonders in the world?

Here are the still-standing, man-made 10 Wonders of the World: Great Pyramid of Giza Stonehenge Great Wall of China Roman Colosseum Taj Mahal Chichen Itza Machu Picchu The Parthenon Leaning Tower of Pisa Panama Canal

What are the top ten religion of the world?

I believe that the top ten would be: Roman Catholicism Protestantism Judaism Islam Hunduism Buddhism Taoism Sikhs Jains Parsees (also known as Zoroastrians). There are several other significant religions including Wicca, Scientology, Shintoism, and Ba Ha'i. Mormonism probably should be listed as a s (MORE)

What are the top ten whisky brands in world?

The Top 10 Every brand in the top 10 lost value in this year's The Power 100. They lost nearly as much value as the remaining brands put together. This symptom of the recession proves the adage the bigger you are, the harder you fall. These brands fell especially hard with the added threat from va (MORE)

Top ten actors of the world?

Here is the the list of top ten actors in world given by critic's and public 10. Amitab Bacchan He is the most successful actor in Bollywood. 9.Client EIestwood One of the most handsome actor in Hollywood 8.Silverster Stallone The actor who stood for his best RAMBO series 7.kamal h (MORE)

Which are top ten liquor companies in world?

Worlds Top 5 brands of liquor companies are:- 1. Anheuser-Busch Inbev 2. Companhia de Bebidas das Américas (AMBEV) (ABV) 3. Diageo plc (DEO) 4. Heineken (OTC:HINKY) 5. Pernod-Ricard (OTCPK:PDRDF). .

Top ten popular countries in the world?

These are the top ten countries in the world (known by most people in the world). 1. United States of America- Who doesn't know America. 2. China- One of the most popular countries in Asia. 3. Philippines - Famous for it's labor force, beaches, call center capital of the world, popular for be (MORE)

Who are the top ten grandmasters of world chess?

Of all time source: http://listverse.com/2009/09/06/top-10-greatest-chess-players-in-history/ 1. Garry Kasparov 2.Anatoly Karpov 3.Emanuel Laskar 4.Wilhelm Steinitz 5.Jose Capablanca 6.Bobby Fischer 7.Alexander Alekhine 8.Mikhail Botvinnik 9.Paul Morphy 10. Deep Blue IBM chess c (MORE)

What are the top ten guitars around the world?

1.Fender "costly but worth it, they work really well sound amazing will never stop working, vintage feel from the first touch" 2.squier "cheap in cost but sound great and feel well and last long, very close to a fender and vintage" 3.Jackson "owned by fender just like squier,amazing look,priced like (MORE)

Which is the top ten bank in the world?

The world's leading banks (Ones that feature in the Top100 of the Fortune 500 companies list) are: 1. Bank of America 2. JP Morgan Chase 3. Citibank 4. HSBC Bank 5. Lloyds Banking group 6. Wells Fargo 7. Royal Bank of Scotland 8. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 9. Barclays Bank

What are the top 10 gangs in the world?

Blood Alliance(Bloods, Pirus, Brims) Crip Alliance(Crip gangs) La Gran Mafia(Surenos gang) Nuestra Familia(Nortenos gang) Folk Nation People Nation Tiny Rascals Gang(Asian gang) Oriental Outlaws Gang(Asian gang) *I don't know about top ten gangs, but those are the top 8 ga (MORE)

What are the top ten phones in the world?

1. Blackberry 8900 2. HTC Touch HD 3. Nokia 6220 Classic 4. Nokia 5800 5. Sony Ericsson C905 6. Blackberry Bold 7. Nokia E71 8. Samsung M8800 9. Nokia N96 16GB 10. Nokia N85

What is the top ten list of world?

bin laden, Barack Obama, Ryan seath, bill bates, Bruce ritchie, my nan, mr. uurguur, Jo bloomers, sidan husain paired with santa ( who rearranged is Satan), and Buffy the vampire slayer :) xxx

Who are the top ten drumers in the world?

Jimmy Chamberlain, Smashing Pumpkins Danny Carey, TOOL Neil Peart, Rush John Bonham, Led Zeppelin Keith Moon, The Who Ringo Starr, The Beatles Lars Ulrigh, Metallica Topper Headon, The Clash Max Weinberg, Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band Jeff Porcaro, Toto

Who are the top ten footballers earners in the world?

1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) £29.6m 2. David Beckham (LA Galaxy/Milan) £27.3m 3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) £27m 4. Kaka (Real Madrid) £16.9m 5. Thierry Henry (Barcelona) £16.1m 6. Ronaldinho (AC Milan) £15.5m 7. Carlos Tevez (Manchester City) £13.8m 8. Zlatan (MORE)