What are totalitarian countries?

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A totalitarian state is one in which the government exercises complete control over everyday life of its people.
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What are examples of totalitarian countries?

A totalitarian government is a country run with only one political party, like China, or North Korea. The government can prevent people from doing anything including leaving t

What countries are totalitarian?

Any who are not ruled by a democratic form of government. This would include any nations under a Communist regime (e.g.: People's Republic of China, North Korea, etc), as wel

Countries with totalitarian government?

Some countries that have a totalitarian government are China, Cuba,Egypt, and Iran. North Korea and Saudi Arabia also havetotalitarian governments.

Which countries have totalitarianism?

Two nations in the world who have totalitarian regimes are NorthKorea and Myanmar (Burma). Both nations have repressive governmentsthat allow citizen few if any rights.

Where is a country with totalitarianism?

Most Communist countries are a totalitarian government. This includes North Korea, Vietnam, and China. Also, I think the country of Libya follows a dictatorship, but is not co
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What country is governed by totalitarianism?

There are multiple countries that are governed by totalitarianism.One such country is North Korea. Iraq was also a totalitariangovernment when Saddam Hussein ruled.