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What are two main groups of plastic?

polymers and monomers
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What are the two main groups of planets in your solar system?

There are the four inner, rocky planets are also known as the terrestrial planets. These are; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Then there are the four outer gas giant planets a (MORE)

Cooking Food in Microwave Plastic

There are some long-standing wives tales and weird rumors about microwaves and plastic. This goes for microwaving food in so-called reusable plastic containers. Many people be (MORE)
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Easy Crafting: Using Plastic Needlepoint Canvas

Needlepoint can be an artistic way to create items like framed pictures, scarves, and place mats. If you aren't comfortable using regular canvas or plain canvas doesn't suit y (MORE)

A General Overview on the History and Evolution of Plastic Surgery in America

Plastic surgery has existed for centuries, with the earliest origins traced back to ancient Egypt and India. The Egyptians surgically modified corpses after death, so they rem (MORE)

Sorting, Recycling and Reusing: Safe Practices With Plastic

Plastic recycling is important to environmental health and is encouraged in many areas. However, most people do not realize that there are typically rules, regulations and pre (MORE)
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Lifetime Plastic Wheelbarrow Review

If you are looking for a solid, well-built plastic wheelbarrow, then you want to take a careful look at the Lifetime Plastic Wheelbarrow. It is durable, and can make even heav (MORE)

What are the two main groups of bacteria?

The two main groups of bacteria are archaebacteria and eubacteria.  Archaebacteria are typically found in extreme environments. This  type of bacteria includes methanogens ( (MORE)

The two main functions of interest groups are to?

The two main functions of interest groups are to represent its  membership and educate the public.    Also most importantly, interest groups work to have their interes (MORE)

What were the two main social groups in rome?

The two main social groups in ancient Rome were the freemen and the slaves. The freemen were divided into social classes which were the patricians, plebeians, equites, proleta (MORE)

What two main elements do plastics contain?

Carbon and hydrogen.   Many kinds of plastics, such as pure natural rubber (polyisoprene), polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, etc., are composed entirely of carbon a (MORE)