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There are 4 types of water pollutions. ~Toxic:       - Chemicals that kill organisms       - Fishing is banned when high levels are found       - Examples:Pesticides and herbicides, gasoline, oil, household cleaning products, paints and solvents, battery fluid, industrial waste and DDT.. ~Sediment:       - Dirt, minerals,sand and silt eroded from land and washed into the water       - Reduces sunlight that can reach plants which provide food to underwater animals       - Clogs gills of fish, smothers oysters ~Nutrient:       - Too much nitrogen and phosphorous       - Causes too much algae growth whish clouds water and limits sunlight from reaching plants       - Causes by sewage plant overflow, leakage from septic tanks, factory discharge, fertilizers and animal manure ~Bacterial:       - Too much bacteria in the water       - Sources are sewage treatment facilities, leakage in septic tanks and animal manure
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What are the different types of water pollution?

The three different types of water pollution are point-source  pollution, nonpoint-source pollution and transboundary pollution. T  point-source pollution comes from a singl

What are some types of water pollution?

Some types of water pollution are insect repllent (from runoff when it rains). There are also chemicals, garbage, toxic waste, and oil spills. Harmful materials are another ca
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Name of 8 type of water pollution?

8 types of water pollution include: Nutrients Pollution Surface Water Pollution Oxygen Depleting Ground Water Pollution Microbiological Suspended Matter Chemical