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An unique fact about Romania is a very old tradition: on the 1 of March the boys and the men give some red and white amulets to girls and women. They will wear one amulet all the month and at the end they will hang it in a tree. Another fact about Romania is that they have a word, "dor", that express many feelings, and it can't be translated in other languages. It means passion, love, missing somebody or something, and many other important feelings.
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What are some of Romanias unique animals?

I know that the little fish asprete (Romanichthys valsanicola) from Vîlsanului valley is unique in the world.

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Here are some important facts about Romania: In Romania, the first day of spring is very important and very beautiful for everybody: the boys and the men give some red and

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21 350 000 is Romania's population (my estimate for April 2011) .   The capital of Romania is Bucharest (Bucureşti in the Romanian  language).   Languages spoken the

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The oldest modern human remains in Europe were discovered in the "Cave with the Bones" in present day Romania. They are aproximately 42,000 years old.

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