What are vivid adjectives?

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Vivid adjectives are adjectives that are very descriptive. Vivid adjectives are able to paint a picture in your mind and make words come alive.

What is vivid adjectives?

Vivid adjectives are adjectives that create an image in your mind. Eg. You might describe the sunset as a "brilliant scattering of red and yellow hues glittering over the oc

What is a vivid adjective?

It is a very descriptive adjective. A vivid adjective is an adjective which conveys intense imagery. Itbrings a picture, sound, smell or sensation to your mind. Forexample, th

What are some examples of vivid adjectives?

Vivids are very descriptive adjectives that really paint a picture in your mind. Instead of lazy you might use lethargic or slothful, for example. Or you might describe the su

Can you give me a list of vivid adjectives?

I can. • excruciating • insipid • ear-splitting • crimson • savage • generous • self-sacrificing • luxurious •

Is walked a vivid adjective?

No . It is neither vivid nor an adjective; it is the simple past tense form of a descriptive verb. To be an adjective, it has to modify a noun; to be vivid, it has to creat

Is vivid an adverb or an adjective?

Both... It was a Vivid dream. Vivid modifies dream, and adverbs cannot modify nouns, so it is and adjective. He mocked vividly with remarks. Here, vividly modifies the v
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What is a vivid adjective for the word little?

Interesting synonyms for little (size) include tiny, diminutive,miniscule, or petite. Interesting synonyms for little (amount) include insufficient,meager, scant, or insubstan