What are vivid dreams?

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A dream that is very clear, seems almost as if a real event, and where the individual can remember the dream in great detail and don't forget when you awaken. Vivid dreams often awaken you.
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Does medication cause vivid dreams?

Some medications can cause vivid dreams, while other medications could do the exact opposite. Different medications cause different reactions in different individuals. Their a

Does Ecstasy cause unusual and vivid dreams?

To be fair i'm not too sure. I take MDMA casually but this Saturdayi dropped a pill at a DnB club. I absolutely loved it everythingwas so immense. But when i get home some wei

Is it common for a person to have vivid dreams everynight?

It is not particularly unusual for one to have vivid dreams every night. But there are some medications that have the side effect of causing vivid or disturbing dreams. If you

Can you stop vivid dreams?

Well yes, and no. But why would you want to do that? If you're having some nightmares about stuff and just don't want to remember it, don't stop dreaming, search up on google

How your eyes can remember a vivid picture of a dream?

The eyes do not remember anything. Memory is a function of the brain, or rather the mind within the brain. The best way to remember a vivid picture from a dream is to write do

Why do you keep having weird vivid dreams?

You are probably stressed, or maybe you should stop watching scary movies before you go to sleep. Answer : Weird dreams can be caused by any number of factors, but the mos

How can you obtain more vivid dreams?

To obtain more vivid dreams, take vitamin b6 supplements. Not only can it make your dreams vivid and clear, it can also help you remember your dreams easier.

What does it mean when people have vivid dreams?

Vivid dreams have no particular meaning as such. If the dreamer has disturbed sleep, awaking while a dream is in progress can make it seem more vivid than when one awakens aft

When do people experience vivid dreams?

Different individuals experience vivid dreams under many differentcircumstances. For example, various medications can increase one'stendency to have vivid dreams, as can illne
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What happen's in the vivid dream when your pregnant?

Dreams during pregnancy can become quite intense and odd because ofall the hormonal changes occuring in your body during pregnancy.But like any other dreams, these dreams are
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What can cause vivid dreams and sleeplessness?

There are many factors that can cause vivid dreams and sleeplessness. To begin with, poor quality sleep with frequent awakenings during the night can cause you to remember mor
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How can you find information on vivid dreams in the library?

There are numerous publications available at the library on the subject of vivid dreams. There is information that is targeted toward the lay person with casual interest or th
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What are the release dates for Vivid Dreams - 2007?

Vivid Dreams - 2007 was released on: USA: 29 November 2007 (Los Angeles, California) USA: 29 November 2007 (Flicker Los Angeles) USA: 16 May 2008 (Tallahassee Film Fest