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How is the ballad Casey at the Bat a ballad?

Because it is written in a varation of the ballad stanza--a rhyming, four line, metrically regular stanza.. ____. Also, the ballad form traditionally tells a story. Other po (MORE)

What are facts about ballads?

It Is A Poem That Can Be Ung Sometimes . Poem That Tells A Story - Usually About People . Often About Outlaws . Old Way Of Telling A Story . Has A Regular Rhyme . ] x

What are the rules of a ballad?

The typical British style ballad consists of quatrains (stanzas with 4 lines each), having 8 syllables in the first line, 6 in the second, then 8 again in the third, and 6 aga (MORE)

What is a ballad about?

Ballads tell a story (narrative) which may have elements of heroism, extraordinary feats, humour, suffering or love lost. These ballads may be in musical style, as in popular (MORE)

What is in a ballad?

a ballad is a poem which includes a story, chorus, rhythm, shape and rhyme. The definition of story is "an account of a real or imaginary event"/the plot or succession of inci (MORE)
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Can ballads be about friendship?

yes but ballads are usually third person so your telling a story about some one and some big event that happened to them they also have a rythm to them if your writting about (MORE)

Does slipknot have a ballad?

Yes. It's Surfacing. From their Self-Titled album. It's been call "Our International F-ing Anthem" at live shows. Stay Sic!
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What is ballad?

its when a dancer with twinkle toe looking feet start dancing likea wierdo in circles
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What is a a ballad?

A poem or song which tells a story, usually in short verses. The origins of traditional ballads is often not known being passed verbally from one generation to another