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Lonnie Johnson

Lonnie Johnson - No More Troubles Now (1930) Lyrics Stayed out last night until half past 3,
Found a sweet woman, brought that new sense to me,
I'm happy now, happy as I can be.
Boy, I b'lieve to my soul she done put that thing on me.

Gimme my good whiskey, women, wine, and song,
I'm goin' to have my fun until I'm dead an' gone,
'Cause I'm happy now, an' I can't go wrong,
'Cause I got plenty of money, I'm gon' carry this good work on.

I used to be like a dog, I was tied to a tree,
Now I got plenty money and all the women I need;
You know I'm happy now, happy as I can be.
If I die tomorrow, the world don't owe a thing to me.

I used to cry over my woman, I was dumb as I could be,
Now I've got 3 women, brought those new thrills to me;
I'm happy now, I'm happy now.
Its nothin' like good women, whiskey, wine, and song.

I got me 2-3 women, sweet as can be,
I put that thing on them and got a written guarantee
That I can't go wrong, I mean I can't go wrong.
Nothing like plenty money, good women, whiskey, wine, and song.

I got plen-y money, woman for ev'ry day in the week,
All I do is walk around, eat an' sleep;
You know I'm happy now, you know I can't go wrong,
'Cause I got plenty money, good women, whiskey, wine, an' song.
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