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What blood types make a b negative?

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Can B negative and A positive blood types make O negative?

Yes. The different blood types are A, B, AB, and O. But, both A and B have two variations. A can be either AA or AO, while B can be either BB or BO. AB can only be AB and O

If the mother has a negative blood and the father is b negative does that make the child ab negative?

  No. If both parents have a negative blood type, the child will either have the mother's blood type,or father's blood type, or if one parent is A- and the other B- only t

What will the blood type be if both parents are B Negative?

You can either be B negative, or O negative. You cannot be A, since it's a codominant type. You cannot be positive since negative is a recessive trait, and both parents must b

Can a o positive blood and a b positive blood make a b negative blood?

We are looking for the possible blood types of a baby.   Parental information:    Mother type O pos = can only be OO and Rh (++) or (+-)  Father type B pos = can be

What blood types would produce a b negative child?

These combinations: A+ and B+/B- A- and B+ B+ and B+/B- B- and B+/B- B+ and O+/O- B- and O+/O- The A parents would have to be heterozygous for the A blood group.