What body systems are being used while doing your homework?

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Pretty much all of them!

Nervous system:
  • Brain - thinking (what does the question mean, how do I find the answer to the question, actually finding that answer, putting the answer down, deciding if it's correct or not, fixing it if it's incorrect, etc.)
  • Nerves - sending signals to the brain from the eyes, sending signals to the hands to do the work, feeling the hands working, sending more signals to look at the work and see if it is correct, sending signals to fix whatever needs correcting, etc.
Muscular system (skeletal):
  • Moving the eyes to read the assignment and read over what you write
  • Moving the hands to write or type, turning pages, moving the computer mouse and clicking on things
  • Blinking and focusing the eyes so you can read
  • Moving the arms if needed, so the hands can move correctly; moving legs to keep them from going to sleep, shifting positions to keep your balance and stay alert, etc.
Muscular system (autonomic):
  • Keeping your body running smoothly so you can concentrate on your work instead of trying to remember to breathe, pump blood, digest food, and get rid of waste
Respiratory system:
  • Breathing in and out so you stay alive and alert
  • Sending oxygen to the brain to keep you alert and focused and learning
  • Getting rid of excess carbon dioxide so your brain stays alert and focused
Circulatory system:
  • Pumping blood so you stay alive
  • pumping blood to your brain to keep you focused and alert and learning
Digestive system:
  • Sending nutrition to the brain to keep you alert and focused and learning
Skeletal system:
  • Keeping you upright so you can read the material and not fall over
  • Helping the muscles move your arms and eyes and body
  • Protecting the brain so you can think
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