What calendar is currently used for judaism?

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The Jewish calendar consists of twelve lunar months. It also keeps in step with the solar year, by adding a thirteenth lunar leap-month seven times every nineteen years.
The Gregorian calendar, which sticks to the solar year, ignores the lunar months and does not attempt to keep in step with them.
Judaism has its own unique calendar which is a luni-solar calender where every month is a lunar month, but the years change length to coordinate roughly with a solar year (354 and 384 days) and become equivalent after 19 years. This calendar in its present form dates back to 360 CE; before that, the New Moon was declared following the testimony of witnesses..
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Why is the current calendar called the Julian calendar?

It's not, it's called the Gregorian Calender. Julius Caesar reformed and improved the old Roman calender in the first century B.C. and thus it was called the Julian Calender.

Calendar of religious observations for judaism?

most people are confused about when Jewish holidays fall as they seem to change dates according to the regular calendar. the Jewish calendar is a compromise between the solar

What is the calendar system for Judaism?

It is a lunisolar calendar. The 12 months are based on the lunar cycle. each month begins with a new moon, and 7 times every 19 years an extra leap month is added.
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That depends on who you mean by "we". There are different calendarsstill used around the world, hence different festivals for people,like the Jewish New Year, being held at di