What camera is best for your needs Nikon d300 Nikon d700 canon eos 50d canon eos 5d mark ii?

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It depends what you're needs are. The needs of a sports photographer are quite different from a studio portrait photographer. When selecting a camera, you need to think about what you will use it for most and from that you will be able to think what you need most from a camera body; for example, a sports photographer will need a high frame per second count and good quality images in poor light, a portrait photographer is more concerned about the fine detailed quality and colour rendition.

It is also important how easy you find the camera to use; when picking a camera system, try the various cameras out try and decide which feels best for you - you're going to be using it a lot after all!

Finally, remember that the image quality is more dependent on the lens than the body, also you'll probably end up spending more on lenses than the body, so, again, think about the things you usually photograph and what lens you normally use, is there a particularly good lens that Nikon or Canon make that you'll spend most of your time using - that might sway your judgement.
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Which camera is better Canon EOS 400D or Nikon D80?

Theres a bunch of comparison tests out there for these two models. Check more at http://alatest.com/canon_eos_400d_digital_rebel_xti/digital_slr_cameras/expert_reviews/pe-34087417,248/ Many expert review sources claim the EOS 400D to have better color accuracy and high ISO dynamic range, where as (MORE)

Will a canon flash work on a Nikon camera?

Short answer: "Not recommended". Long answer: The center contact on a flash shoe transmits the signal for a flash to fire. This contact is in the same place on all cameras that use a flash shoe. If a flash has ONLY the center contact, then it may be used on any camera that will accept it.. However (MORE)

What does EOS in canon camera stands for?

Electro-Optical-System. I Googled it because I didn't know. There is a full article in Wikipedia on the subject if you wish to know more. My suggestion to all is that the answers (and much more) to many such questions are that easy to discover if you would endeavor to search.

Which camera is better canon or Nikon?

The short answer is: "Depends". The long answer is: Both Canon and Nikon make cameras and lenses that are so good and so reliable that it is impossible to make a statement of which manufacturer makes better cameras (or lenses).. If you are looking for a "point and shoot" camera, compare cost, feat (MORE)

Nikon or canon?

Whichever feels more comfortable to use; Nikon and Canon both make excellent cameras and lenses.

If you are buying a digital camera is Canon the best bet or can you go with a Nikon?

You're going to get a lot of different opinions on this matter, but here is my recommendation. If you are going with an inexpensive camera (a point and shoot). I would definitely go with a canon. I've seen comparisons, and they overall tend to do better; however that might not be true in a year or t (MORE)

Which are Canon eos film cameras?

The only film camera currently manufactured in the EOS line is the EOS-1v, a professional-grade 35mm camera body that sells in the $1000 range. It is compatible with the full line of EOS lenses and flash units.

Which camera is best Nikon D700 or canon 5D?

The Nikon D700 is better for low light photos. Also,the D700 will accept all Nikon lenses.The Canon won't accept all of Canon lenses. 12 mega pixels is all you need. 21 is overkill. Overall I think Nikon is the better choice.

Which is better electric guitar or canon camera EOS?

They're both great choices! While a standard Canon EOS will cost more than a standard electric guitar, it's all a matter of where your passions are. If you don't play guitar, consider the additional cost of guitar lessons, etc.

Lenses from a 35mm canon camera fit on a canon eos digital camera?

Yes, with the right mount adapter. Canon EF lenses were introduced in 1987 for Canon's new EOS auto-focus cameras. All EF lenses fit all EOS film and digital cameras. Some Canon DSLR cameras, such as the digital Rebels, have an APS-size (smaller) sensor. These cameras can use EF lenses with full a (MORE)

How much does a Canon EOS 5D cost?

Body only : The newer Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP with full-frame CMOS chip retails around $2,499 new; the older Canon EOS 5D Mark II 12.8MP still retails new around $2,699 (go figure), but you can pick up a good used or refurbished body for $900-$1200. [November 2010]

Will Nikon lens work on Canon eos rebel cameras?

A Nikon Lens will not fit on a Canon camera. Edit: All camera brands have their own bayonet, so they won't be able to take lenses from other brands, but if for example you wanted to put a Nikon lens on a Canon camera, there are adapters for that. There are also third-party lens makers (Sigma, Tamr (MORE)

Is a Canon EOS digital camera an SLR camera?

It is an SLR camera in the sense that it uses the same mechanism for capturing a picture, but instead of film, there's an electronic sensor that the image is recorded on. Instead of exposed film, you get image files that you can then use for whatever purpose you require.

Will a Nikon flash work on a canon camera?

Short answer is no ... most flash units are camera specific, meaning that they will only work with the camera they were designed for. . Longer answer is yes ... if you want to 100% sure none of the smaller pins short out any of the contacts on the camera then just use pc sync socket or hotshoe to p (MORE)

Are canon cameras better than Nikon cameras?

While Nikon has a reputation of being the camera of choice, canon cameras are utilized by many professionals and have excellent results. Canon cameras may be less costly and offer a better ease of use for non-photographer persons.

How good and well priced is the Canon Eos 5d?

tar basically the difference between the pot and the pan is the pot holds more because it has more depth thant the pan the pan is only 2 inches deep and a pot can be anywhere from 5 to 29 inches.

Where can you find the Canon eos 5d on sale?

Canon EOS 5D can be found at an amazingly, much lower prices at online stores. One should also try DealDash or other well-known bidding sites because they will definitely get the same quality for much less.

How much is the Canon eos 5d and who sells it?

The Canon eos 5d costs approximately $2,000.00 but the price can vary depending on the lens and accesories. It is available at specialist camera shops and various places onine including such sites as amazon and ebay.

Which Canon EOS is best?

if your looking for a really good camera that takes pictures and video the canon eos rebel t3i is best. its sort of the same as the canon 60d which is the best! and also the canon 7d is amazing. but the t3i is the cheapest of all these 3 and it has a flip out screen. there are the t2i, t1i, t1, t2, (MORE)

How do you find the Canon EOS 5d?

According to reviews, the Canon EOS 5d is a different caliber SLR camera because of its high resolution camera plus a compact body type. This type of camera is the pioneer in the DSLR-type of cameras which started the trend in all DSLR cameras.

Where can one find a good deal on a Canon EOS camera?

Depending on what model year and accessories and how much one wants to spend. There are sales on the amazon website or eBay. Also, stores have big sales on during boxing day and black Friday with promotions and package deals. Also, sales can be found often on the Canon official website or in your (MORE)

What is a good source for comparisons of Canon EOS digital cameras?

First and foremost, the internet is always the best source for various comparisons of Canon digital cameras. Was in London Drugs the other day speaking with their representative about various Canon cameras and I can certainly say, I would go back to London Drugs in a heartbeat because their camera (MORE)

What is the list price of Canon EOS 5D?

The list price of the Canon EOS 5D is 400 dollars. This snart phone is very expensive because it is also an entire personal computer and a tablet built into the phone.

What are the key features of the Canon Eos 50D?

The Canon EOS 50D is a popular model of digital camera. The camera features a 15.1 megapixel resolution, enhanced face detection capabilities, and compatibility with both Compact Flash I and II memory cards.

What are the technical specifications of Canon EOS 500D camera?

The Canon EOS 500D camera boasts an amazing 15.1 megapixel sensor, full HD video recording and an ultra sensitive lens with a high ISO of 12800. It is equipped with a 3 inch Clear View LCD, a 9 point AutoFocus system and can take pictures at a speed of up to 3.4 frames per second.

What is the price of a new Canon EOS 30D digital camera?

The prices of a new Canon EOS 30D digital camera vary on the vendor. Though this specific camera was manufactured in 2006 and there are few new cameras of this type left for purchase, one could find one on Amazon for roughly $900.

What kind of camera is Canon EOS 40D?

The Canon EOS 40D is professional camera used to take high definition digital photos with a lens mechanism manufactured in Japan. It is able to store these photos on a SD card.

Where can someone purchase the Canon EOS Camera?

The Canon EOS camera can be purchased through many big box retailers, such as Target and WalMart. It can also be purchased through electronics and camera stores such as Best Buy and Wolfe Camera. There are many websites, including Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay where the Canon EOS can be purchased. I (MORE)

What makes the Canon EOS 300D a reliable camera?

The Canon 300D is a reliable camera due to the high level of quality control that Canon uses in manufacturing its cameras. It has a long battery life and a quality sensor to ensure great pictures.

Where online can one purchase a Canon EOS 60D camera?

When buying a Canon EOS 60D camera, one should consider purchasing from Amazon, eBay, B&H, Adorama, Optics Planet, and DigitalRev. Google is the best place to begin searching for a bargain and comparing prices to find the best deal possible.

When was the Canon EOS-1D Mark II introduced?

The Canon EOS-1D Mark II was introduced in the third quarter of 2004, and is an 8.2 megapixel camera DSLR Camera body. It was made in Japan, and featured an optical viewfinder and inter-changeable lens.

Which camera should I choose the Nikon D5100 the Canon 600D or the Nikon D5200?

There are many websites which will compare cameras for you. You should base your decision on what you want in a camera because others may be looking for different qualities in a camera. Look at price, types of lenses included, amount and type of memory, the body type, sensors, resolution, speed, aut (MORE)