What can a Sandisk MicroSD card do?

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Be used for storage, backup, transfer media
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Why does your Sandisk MicroSD card always say device not ready when you try to copy files to it?

This happens with 2GB cards. If you are using an SD adapter (where you put the micro SD in the adapter to make it a full size SD card) and you have an built-in card reader,

What is a MicroSD card slot?

A MicroSD card slot is an expansion slot on a cell phone that allows you to increase its memory.

Can you clean a microsd card?

yes just put ur microsd card on ur reader (USB,etc) then go to my computer>right click on ur micro sd card and click format > press ok.

Where could you buy a microSD card?

Best Buy, Cercut City, Office Max, Staples, Wal Mart, Target, Sears, KMart, Sams Club, Cosco, Walgreens, Shopko any store like that

What is microSD card reader?

It is either a slot on your computer, or a USB device which has a slot. Basically it connects your MicroSD card to your computer.

Does a microSD card substitute for a SIM card?

No, a micro-SD card is a memory device, all it does is make the memory on your phone/ device larger. A SIM card is an individual device that has information such as your numbe

Is a microSD card the same as a sim card?

No, a sim card stores numbers, your own phone number, credit, etc. A microsd card is used as storage for media such as songs, photos etc. (non phone-specific things)

What are the benefits of microsd memory cards?

MicroSD cards allow a user to carry many items of media (photos, music, movies) on a small card that can also be used to expand the internal memory of a phone.
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Where can one purchase a MicroSD card?

One can purchase a MicroSD card in a number of different stores. Some stores include Office Depot, Best Buy, Target and Walmart. One can also buy them online at Amazon.

How do you recover cracked microSD card?

If it is physically cracked there is nothing to recover, thecircuit connections no longer exist. In the very very remote chance there is no damage to the chipinside, you might