What can be done to a Navy Seabee who is impersonating a navy seal?

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Who are the Navy Seals?

The U.S. Navy's SEA, AIR, LAND (SEAL. SEALs are the elite Naval Special Operations unit of the US Navy. The U.S. Navy's SEA, AIR, LAND (SEAL) teams are one of the most respected commando forces in the world - they are often cited as the most elite, flexible and highly trained Naval Commando force. W (MORE)

What do you call the generals of the Navy Seals?

We call our General, Captain. Each team has a Captain. He, in our hearts is beyond the rank of Admiral or general. Generals are in the Army, Marine Corp and Air Force. We dont have Generals. Usually our captains are Lt Commanders. We call them captain because they lead our crews.

How hard is it to become a navy seal?

First of all it's spelt U.S. Navy SEAL. And the training to become one is called BUD/s or Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL. The training is the most physically and mentally grueling in the world. Yet if you have a no quit attitude and are in good shape you can make it. Remember the training is there (MORE)

What is the Navy seal life expectancy?

navy seals are an elite fighting force and much of what they do is... uh discreet? So much so that their identities are concealed; all this goes to say that it impossible to know the casualty rate for what I am going to corando to become. All the same cause its a little boring knowing the outcome al (MORE)

How many SEAL teams are there in the Navy?

There are 8 active SEAL Teams - 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10; 1 SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) team - 1; and 2 reserve SEAL Teams - 17 & 18. In total, there are 11 teams, excluding DevGru. SEAL Teams 17 and 18 used to be called Operational Support Teams 1 and 2, but changed into SEAL teams in 2008 to help relie (MORE)

How do you get to be in the Navy SEALs?

You apply and are accepted to go to school. And then you go through BUDS training. If you survive BUDS, then you are assigned to a SEAL Team. Once there you may earn your SEAL designation. I dont want to knock this answer because it is right but it's a little more complicated. First you have to ge (MORE)

Is there a navy seal?

Um, yes, Navy SEALs exist. Haha uh yes they in fact do exist, my dad is a former navy seal

Are the navy seals a navy branch?

The SEALs are a branch of the US Navy. They are a specialized component with a very specialized mission. The other parts of the Navy support their mission, usually through transport for insertion and extraction. They can also provide targeting information for Navy aircraft and ship based weapons.

Why are the navy court martial the navy seals?

A terrorist leader with a bloody lip claimed the SEALs injured him while he was being captured. The SEALs conducted the perfect mission. They snuck in like ninjas under cover of darkness and got this guy and this is how the Navy repayed them?

Why are navy seals called navy seals?

Navy SEALs or SEa Air and Land teams are called this because of there ability to operate in any environment. There training is very extensive so they are qualified divers, parachutist and land warfare specialist.

How do you prepare to become a Navy SEAL?

You need to have lived a relatively healthy and active lifestyle (i.e., by physically fit with no disqualifying health issues), but the primary ingredient that makes SEAL's who they are is their mental focus. 2 of my former students went on to successfully complete BUD/S training and earn their Trid (MORE)

What to do after DOR from Navy SEAL training?

It depends on how far you've advanced in training, and what your Navy rate is; DOR's (Drop On Request) can be initiated by the candidate at any time during BUD/S training; not everyone who successfully passes Basic Underwater Demolition will necessarily pass SEAL training as well. If the candidate p (MORE)

Who is responsible for creating the Navy SEALs?

In 1962, during the Vietnam war, fighting the NVA (north Vietnamese army) became to difficult with the average "Grunts" of the military, and John F Kennedy formed the elite force, the NAVY SEALS. (Sea Air and Land) and the most elite branch of the US Military.

Can girls be Navy SEALs?

No, women are not allowed in any jobs that fall under the "combat arms" category. That basically means any Military occupation that involves being a part of a combat team/unit. The SEALs are trained to, and work as, an elite combat group

Are women allowed in the navy seals?

Not at all. Women arent allowed in combat in most military units. The Navy SEALs is a special group and has a reputation based from their history of being men only.

Can you volunteer for navy seals while in the navy?

That is how the SEALs obtains members. You are not recruited into the SEALs from the beginning, typically you have to complete boot camp and have additional specialties before being eligible to apply for SEAL training. Your recruiter should be able to help you understand the process..

How many Navy SEALs have died?

More than should have in their short specialty, Less than Gunners Mates and SeaBees, and certainly far less than Naval Aviators.

Can you get a list of Navy SEALs?

Certainly not! Military rosters are confidential and not available to the public. If you are trying to verify the identity of someone claiming to be a SEAL I suggest you contact Don Shipley- a former SEAL with access to that database.

Do navy seals use the hk416?

No, at least not in any official capacity. The M4A1 SOPMOD is still standard fare for the Navy SEALS, and will likely be replaced by the FN SCAR-L. The interest initially generated by the HK416 by the US military seems to have died down quite a bit, and it's not likely to see any widespread usage in (MORE)

How do you train as a navy seal as a teen?

You can't really train as a Navy SEAL until you join the Navy, but you can do some things to prepare yourselve for training. Look at the SEAL website to find out exactly what kind of physical excercise is needed, and start trying to do better than that as you never know what the instructors will ask (MORE)

Do Navy Seals drown?

Extremely unlikely, Navy SEALs are just about the finest and well trained divers on the face of the Earth, obtaining depths more than 10 times greater than a normal scuba diver with a device called a re breather.

How deep can a Navy seal dive?

As deep as the mission requires. However realistically they're not doing more than 70 ft for a sub lock in/lock out. Most dives are combat swims meaning they are only a few feet beneath the surface.

Will the Marines beat the Navy Seals?

Marines are not on par with the Seals. Marines are a regular force, seals are special operations. A more likely match would be Marine Recon Vs Seal

Is it a crime to impersonate a Navy SEAL?

is it a crime to impersonate a Navy Seal No the Stolen Valor Act that addressed this issue was ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. This ruling invalidates any State Law that is still on the books. There is nothing special about a serving or former Navy SEAL (Note SEAL is in upper case) b (MORE)

Is being a navy seal tough?

Being a Navy SEAL is extremely tough, SEAL training has an 80% drop out rate, the intellect of a Navy SEAL is that of an average Harvard student. Not only do you have to be extremely physically fit and tough, you must mentally tough as well and have the ability to take alot of pain and abuse.

Why was the navy seals founded?

The US Navy SEALs were commissioned by directive of President John F Kennedy. He felt that each branch of the US Armed Forces should have Special Forces type of unit. The Army had the Special Forces (Green Berets). The Air Force had PJs and Air Commandos. The Marines had Force Recon. The Navy had Un (MORE)

What math do navy seals use?

Dive physics and demolitions calculations. This is all taught in bud/s, you don't need to be steven hawking to understand it.

How much do navy seals get for deployment?

Navy SEALs are paid on the same pay scale and other Military personnel. There is normally no additional amount due because of deployment. The amount is based on the rank and the time in service. There are also bumps for dependents and hazardous duty pay..

Are Navy SEALs hot?

I would not focus on starting a relationship with a SEAL, the divorce rate for SEALs is 90%+, you are not allowed to tell others what they do or certain things about them, and the danger risk of having a family with a SEAL is through the roof due to there extremely dangerous and high importance occu (MORE)

How are navy seals trained?

BUD/S consists of a three-week 'Indoctrination Course', known as INDOC, followed by three phases, covering physical conditioning (seven weeks), diving (eight weeks), and land warfare (ten weeks) respectively. In the first phase, BUD/S students are divided into 'Boat Crews' which can consist of six (MORE)

When were the NAVY SEALs started?

Though the SEAL's had their beginnings in WWII and more formal beginnings in 1961, the Navy SEAL teams were officially established in 1962 by President Kennedy. Most of the first SEAL teams were comprised of members from UDT units.

What is the training needed to be a navy seal?

You must be a current active member of the US Navy and pass a series of difficult physical tests in order to be considered eligable to volunteer for the Navy SEALs and start SEAL training. No specific training before hand is required.

How much a navy seal makes?

Depends on their rank, because each rank is paid differently. Most Navy Seals are in the rank range of E2-E6 so maybe $21-25,000 and team leaders probably $30,000.

Do the navy seals have reservists?

Absolutely, but they're typically prior service Navy with several tours who are doing their Reserve time to finish out their careers, unless their is a specific need for them and they're still combat eligible. We had a SEAL squad in my Pentagon Navy Reserve Unit (OPNAV) during my own Reserve stint i (MORE)

What are Navy Seabees?

Seabees are members of the United States Navy construction battalions. The word Seabee is a proper noun that comes from the initials of Construction Battalion, (CB) of the United States Navy. The Seabees have a history of building bases, bulldozing and paving thousands of miles of roadway and airstr (MORE)

What does the navy seals training consist of?

Navy SEAL training consists of the BUD/s (basic underwater demolition and SEAL), a physical screening test at the beginning and end of training, 2 weeks of regular training and a week called "Hell week"

Who originally created the navy seals?

The person credited as the father of SEAL teams and their predecessors is Draper Kauffman who started the NCDUs or Naval Combat Demolition units whos jobs later evolved to UDT or Underwater Demolition teams. But in 1962 President John F. Kennedy ordered the military to greatly expand our nations "Un (MORE)

What is the average age of a navy seal?

The average age of a navy seal is between 35-40. Due to the rigorous training that is required to reach such status, it is rare to see anyone below or above that peak age range.

Does us navy seabees personnels carry assault rifle?

Answer is maybe. A seabee is trained to defend him ot her self and that may mean using a weapon to include an asault rifle. However many Seabees work on defended bases or on projects in areas that are safe or considered secure. My point is that they can carry one but it is not a regular thing like A (MORE)

Can a legal immigrant joins the us navy seabees?

You have to be a permanent resident alien (legal immigrant with a green card permanently residing in the U.S.) or a naturalized citizen to the join the U.S. Navy or other military branches.

How long is navy seabee a school?

Depends on which rating your going into. There are several CB ratings, BU, SW, CE, EA, UT, and CM. I just came back from UT A school and it was 109 days, CE's are about the same. Both of those School's are located at Ft. Sheppard's AFB in Whitcha Falls TX.