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What can beauty therapy do for Arthritis?

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A paraffin wax treatment is great for Arthritis especially if the Arthritis is in the wrist or fingers also massage is great as it stimulates blood flow
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What does microwave therapy do for arthritis?

Microwave therapy is a type of deep heat therapy. The electromagnetic waves pass between electrodes placed on the patient's skin. This creates heat that increases blood flow a

When is a massage therapy treatment not a beauty treatment?

Therapeutic massage is NOT a beauty treatment, and cannot be considered in the same vein as (for instance) a facial. It is bona-fide therapy which targets specific muscles or

What do you have to know to do beauty therapy?

  i am also interested in studying beauty therapy. In my school we have this thing called 'business back to school day' where you have to learn about the job you would li

Can chemo therapy cause rhumatoid arthritis?

This would be unlikely as there is actually o chemotherapy drug used in the treatment of RA. However as we don't at this point understand what causes RA or have cure for it we

How does antiangiogenic therapy work in arthritis?

Blood vessels that invade the joint release enzymes that destroy cartilage and other tissues in arthritis. Antiangiogenic drugs may relieve the arthritic pain and prevent bone

What kind of therapies used to treat rheumatoid arthritis?

There are really very few things that are helpful to a person that suffers from RA. In some cases where inflammation that is caused by RA puts pressure on nerves near joints m
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What are the employment characteristics in beauty therapy?

extnsive knowledge of treatmemts/services offered exceptional santisation / hygine practices product knowledge and application for each client (individual) referal metho

When is massage therapy a contraindication for arthritis?

Only massage in which the therapist is applying deep pressure or compression to the arthritic joints would be contraindicated. Stretching arthritic joints into painful or stre