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What can cause a high fever when your daughter is being treated with Cardiff she is taking both prescriptions for it her blood count has dropped?

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What could cause someone to have a high lymphocyte blood count and sometimes run a low-grade fever at night?

  Answer   This is a difficult question to answer. Any type of infection can caue the above symptoms. Anything from mononucleosis, malaria, lymphoma, strep, etc. the

What causes a high white blood cell count?

There are several different things that could be causing an  increased white blood cell count. Some of these things include an  infection, a reaction to a drug, a disease of

What causes white blood cell count to be high?

  inflammation in general might cause high WBC count which is always caused by infection, also some types of leukemia (bone morrow cancer) might do that as well but the st

What causes a high red blood count?

  High red blood count is caused by masturbation of the penial injector, this will raise the amount of blood pressure around said body causing a high red blood count. Curr

What does a high white blood cell count and fever mean?

An elevated white cell count and/or a fever generally indicate that there is an infection somewhere in the body. See your doctor for a thorough check up and locate the cause o

Can diverticulitis cause high white count and fever fever?

Yes. Elevation in the white blood cell count is common in diverticuliti, as as is fever. It sounds like you have an internal infection in the bowels. Go see your doctor and

What are causes of high white blood counts?

high white blood cell count usually indicates: An increased production of white blood cells to fight an infectionA reaction to a drug that enhances white blood cell production