What can cause a high fever when your daughter is being treated with Cardiff she is taking both prescriptions for it her blood count has dropped?

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Can swimming an hour a day in a salt-treated pool cause high blood pressure?

I am not so sure. I have found that swimming in the sea definitley raises my blood pressure. The older you get, the more you notice this. Not likely. If your assumption is that the salt in the pool water is causing high blood pressure (like a high salt diet), then the answer is definitely, no. (MORE)

High white blood count?

A high white blood cell count usually indicates that an infectionis present. White blood cells protect the body against infection byeating viruses.

Can taking lexapro cause high blood pressure?

My son died July of 2007. I was prescribed Lexapro 10mg by my physician. The first night I took a pill, I could not sleep and my blood pressure was elevated. I called my doctor and he tried to say that it was not the Lexapro but as soon as I stopped taking it my pressure went back to normal. Please (MORE)

What causes a high white blood cell count?

There are several different things that could be causing anincreased white blood cell count. Some of these things include aninfection, a reaction to a drug, a disease of bone marrow, or animmune system disorder.

What causes a borderline blood count?

The warning of a borderline blood count can indicate many things.There is not enough information in the question to indicate thecauses of what could be a causative factor.

What causes high albumin count?

Albumin is a serum protein released into the blood stream by thelover. This protein and others assist in the helping the body workproperly. Causes of a high albumin level (5.4 g/dl or higher) caninclude severe infections, congenital disorders, severedehydration, hepatitis, malnourishment, chronic in (MORE)

What causes high Platelet count?

Having a high platelet count is called thrombocytosis. This can becaused by cancer, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, anduse of birth control pills.

How do you treat a high fever?

Acetaminophen or an ibuprofen can help at bringing down the highfever. Drinking plenty of fluids at room tempt or warm can help aswell as a damp towel cold towel to place on the forehead. If itremains high it is best to see a doctor.

What causes white blood cell count to be high?

inflammation in general might cause high WBC count which is always caused by infection, also some types of leukemia (bone morrow cancer) might do that as well but the striking feature here is that the cells are (most of the times) abnormal.

What causes a high red blood count?

High red blood count is caused by masturbation of the penial injector, this will raise the amount of blood pressure around said body causing a high red blood count. Currently i am counting 1billion red blood cells due to my extremly (may i say dangerous) penial injector rate!. remember its basic fi (MORE)

Can being cold cause a fever?

no, because a fever is designed to cool the body's temperature... shivering is the natural response to 'being cold'- the contractions of muscles generate heat to warm the body through friction

What specific causes are related to high white blood cell count?

This is because you are digesting too many carrots a way to help this is : to eat nothing but 4 broccoli sprouts, and 7 butternutsquash slices everyday for a week... your welcome.... This is because you are digesting too many carrots a way to help this is : to eat nothing but 4 broccoli sprouts, an (MORE)

What are the causes of high hematocrit count?

I do believe this could be caused by a number of things.Kidney cancer, smoking can of course cause problems with the lungs. if your not getting enough air it can cause the red blood cell count to rise. copd,just to name a few ,,,,,,,,see your doctor right away if you notice weight loss.

What does a high white blood cell count and fever mean?

An elevated white cell count and/or a fever generally indicate that there is an infection somewhere in the body. See your doctor for a thorough check up and locate the cause of infection and have it treated asap. Once the treatment is complete, temperature and blood count should return to normal.

What causes high red and white blood counts?

I am not sure about the red blood cells, but white blood cell counts can be elevated by infections, cancers and the like, when white blood cells are created and deployed to try and combat the infection or cancer. One example is appendicitis. One true fire way besides poking the patient's side consta (MORE)

How is high fever treated?

High fever should be investigated by a physician. Sustained high fever will cause permanent brain damage and even death if over 105 degrees F. In children under 18 years of age do not give aspirin or any compound with salisylates. If the fever is from a virus, aspirin can cause Reyes Syndrome. Aceta (MORE)

What causes a high eosinophil count?

There are many different conditions and diseases that can cause ahigh eosinophil's. Some of these things are asthma, trichinosis,ovarian cancer, hay fever, Crohn's disease, eczema, and Hodgkin'sdisease.

Can infected teeth cause high white blood count?

\nYes. The infection from infected teeth can affect your whole body. Your infected teeth can even affect your heart and cause your death. The high white blood count could be the least of your worries.

Can cellulitis cause high fevers?

Yes, a fever is one of the many symptoms of cellulitis. Othersymptoms include pain, redness, inflammation, sores, rashes, andheat on the affected area.

Can high fever cause a miscarriage?

Through my experience, I had abdominal pains underneath my belly and had a fever the next day. After that I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I really don't know what caused it, but the fever was a symptom of a miscarriage for me. It may be different for you though. Best of luck to you on your pregnancy (MORE)

What causes a high wbc count?

Many things can cause a high WBC count. One of which is infection. WBCs fight foreign bodies in our system that's why if there are viruses, they would increase in count. It's part of the body's defense system. Another possible reason is if there are abnormalities in the blood producing organs of the (MORE)

Why can both high and low blood pressure cause problems?

If blood pressure is too low, some of the cells will not get oxygen and other materials. If blood pressure is too high, the force may weaken the blood vessels and require the heart to work harder to push blood through the blood vessels

What are causes of high white blood counts?

high white blood cell count usually indicates: . An increased production of white blood cells to fight an infection . A reaction to a drug that enhances white blood cell production . A disease of bone marrow, causing abnormally high production of white blood cells . An immune system disorder th (MORE)

How does being overweight cause high blood pressure?

As your body carries extra weight it has to compensate for this. It compensates by making your body and organs work harder as opposed to not being overweight causing your lungs to work harder and faster in turn making your heart work harder and faster therefore raising your blood pressure.

Can rheumatoid arthritis cause high white blood count?

Yes, RA can cause elevations on the white blood cells. So can virues, stress, and other things. I have RA and every time i get a CBC (complete blood count) I have elevated white blood cells. I am always told its not high enough to be concerned and that it is probably from my RA since I suffer alot f (MORE)

How high fever causes delirium?

A high fever may cause delirium because the high temperatures interfere with our body's metabolic processes of the body, and of course, in brain regions where neurochemical reactions occur, making the person lose focus and delires NOTE 1: I hope you can forgive my english, i'm form Brazil. NOTE (MORE)

Why do you have a high white blood count?

You have high white blood count found in extracellular bacterialinfections. You have very high white blood cell count found inblood cancers. Normal range is between 4000 to 10,000 white bloodcells/cubic mm.

How do blood cells in high count?

The state or the blood cell count will depend on the condition ofthe body. The components will compensate depending on whether thereis illness or not.