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What is a punnet square?

A punnet square is a diagram showing the gene combination that might result from a genetic cross and it can be bigger than 2x2 A diagram that is used to predict an outcome of

What are punnet squares?

Punnet squares are a type of table geneticists use to determine what traits the offspring will have by using information from the parents and their grandparents.

How do you read a Punnet Square?

Reading a punnet square is much like reading a grid map. Start with one finger on the father allele and one on the mother allele and find where they meet in the middle, the co

What is an example of a punnet square?

An example of a punnet square is if you have the heterozygous Bbgenotype. The punnet square would have a big B and a little B atthe top and on the side. The first square would

How do you do punnet squares?

Take the phenotypes of the two parents and have them above and next to a box: (say that the mother is AA and the father is aa) ....A A a Aa Aa a Aa Aa All of the

What can you do with a punnet square?

Punnet squares are used to predict the allele of the offspring. Tool used to predict results in Mendelian genetics; shows all the ways in which alleles can combine

How do you get a phenotypic ratio from a punnet square?

Hey there. Ive typed up a couple to use as examples using the brown hair. You must take into account the recessive and dominant traits, as this could range your answer being d