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Pandas prefer sitting around eating bamboo all day. They are often seen eating in a while sitting with their hind legs stretched out before them. They are also skilled tree climbers and swimmers.
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What is a panda?

It is a large black-and-white primarily herbivorous mammal ofthe bamboo forests of China and Tibet with luxuriant woolly fur anddistinctive black and white markings. . Will

Are you a Panda?

panda is a bear and it only 1,600 leaft

What do pandas do?

They eat bamboo and reproduce on the news. They EAT Bamboo and Sleep and they Walk. Pandas are fun playful creatures that enjoy many things. A pandas greatest hobby is eating.

Where are pandas?

  Pandas naturally come from parts in asia. China gives pandas as gifts to America and all sorts of countries. You can find them in zoos too! Isnt that awesome! yeah I kno

How do you get a panda?

I hope your kidding. If not.... HELLO! Panda's are not only a wild and aggressive animal, they are also an endangered species. You can't just own a panda like a pet of som

Do red pandas get a long with pandas?

NO Red Pandas in the wild are normally very solitary creatures (except during mating season). So they don't get along with much of any other animal except themselves. Red Pand

Is the red panda the real panda?

No, a Red Panda is a lot smaller and lives in a similar way to a Lemur. The Panda that you are probably thinking of is the Giant Panda (black and white) and spends approximate

Where to get a panda?

Pandas are endangered animals so you can't have a real panda, but you can own a toy one. Go to Build A Bear they have a cute panda for sale.