What can the Android tablet do?

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There are several tablet PCs that run the Android operating system. One of the most complete tablets is the Samsung Galaxy tablet. It runs Android 2.2 and can download apps from the Android Marketplace. Over half of the apps are free. What can it do?
  • Voice and video calling. Not locked to one carrier.
  • Cellular and WiFi internet access
  • Web browsing (including Flash!)
  • E-mail (Gmail) and IM
  • Music player
  • E-book reader
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Video player (1080p) and recorder (720x480, 30 fps)
  • Games
Unlike the iPhone, you can run apps in the background while doing other things. The downside to that, of course, is that they all use memory and battery power, so you have to keep track of what you've got running and remember to quit the apps you're not using.
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What is better the Android tablet or the iPad?

Just around a year back it was all about Apple and its products like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch etc these all products are iOS based and no doubt Apple made the finest quality but now scenario is completely different. Apple has lost its influential image. Android has changed the whole concept for Tabl (MORE)

How do you put music on Android tablet?

youtube. or on the internt. you can also buy apps for it. or buy a cable and plug it into the cp do you go on the internet off your tablet or the computer. okay i got this cable with my tablet and one end connects to the tablet but the other dosent go in the computer any idea what its for?

Is the Android tablet a phone?

Not all of them. Some only have wifi data connection capabilities, some have 4G data but no phone service (unless you don't mind making calls over VOIP networks like Skype).

What is the best android tablet?

Android Tablets have been around less than 2 years and newer more technologically sophisticated models keep coming out. Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom and Asus Eee Pad Transformer are 3 of the best ones out there. But there are so many others coming out its hard to keep up. It also depends what you a (MORE)

How do you reset the android tablet?

Go to Setting and within settings there is Privacy. Go there and you will see an option to do a factory reset. This is on most android tablets. If not some older android tablets have a small hole that you can poke a needle or thin object through that triggers the reset.

Do Android tablets have cameras?

Yes, usually they have 2, one for Still shots or HD video recording(on the back), the other for Video chatting(up front) However, the LG G-slate has a dual camera setup on the back to take HD 3D video and pictures.

How can you factory reset your Android tablet?

Go to Settings and within settings there is Privacy. Go there andyou will see an option to do a factory reset. This is on mostAndroid tablets. If not,some older Android tablets have a smallhole that you can poke a needle or thin object through thattriggers the reset.

Can you download iTunes to a android tablet?

No I Dont think you can download iTunes to an android tabletbecause iTunes is made by Apple? But if you want to download musiconto your tablet you can plug into a laptop/computer using a usb.Download some music from the internet or using youtube converter,Copy and paste it in to your music file of y (MORE)

Is the android tablets good?

Depends on what you are looking for an what you are comparing android tablets too. Android popularity has surpassed Apple as of November 2011. So Android is growing fast and android tablet popularity is increasing. Android tablets are great for carrying around, surfing the web, watching videos, emai (MORE)

Who makes the Android Tablet?

The Android operating system itself was developed by Google however they do not manufacture the actual tablets. The individual tablets are produced by a variety of manufacturers using the open source Android platform. So far, the biggest producers of Android tablets that are currently on the market (MORE)

Which android tablet is the best?

Android Tablets have been around less than 2 years and newer more technologically sophisticated models keep coming out. Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom and Asus Eee Pad Transformer are 3 of the best ones out there. But there are so many others coming out its hard to keep up. It also depends what you a (MORE)

Can you read on the Android tablet pc?

Yes. Google has their own in-house offering, Google Play Books and Google Play Magazines that turn your Android into a full-featured eBook reader. Books can be obtained via the Play Store in the same way you would install an app. Books and magazines purchased via the Play Store can be read offline b (MORE)

How do you change OS tablet to android tablet?

Android tablets are ARM-based, which means that any tablet computer based on Intel architectures cannot run Android. However, there is a side project aimed at getting Android to run on Intel's x86 architecture which has made a lot of progress and may suit your needs depending on what device you are (MORE)

Does Android tablet have Microsoft Word?

To put it simply NO but there are alternatives such as quick office, kingston office, polaris office, so on. These are nowhere near as advanced as word but will get the job done with multiple fonts text boxes and such. It is possible to load windows on an android tab but definitely not recommended (MORE)

What is Android 2.2 Tablet?

Android 2.2 is an operating system for smart-phones and tablets. It is nicknamed froyo. Short for frozen yogurt.

How do you reset password on Android tablet?

One can't reset the password if they do not know the old password. If that happens one had to factory reset the tablet. If one knows the old password just go into settings and change the password.

Is the android tablet cheaply made?

There's no such thing as "the" android tablet. It's a specification, and many different manufactures could make many different models. Some of these are, no doubt, cheaply made.

What are android app stores for tablets?

A user interface for accessing a repository for software designed to be executed on a device running the Android operating system. TL;DR It lets you download apps.

How do you get second life on android tablet?

Well honestly I don't know... I've been searching myself for it butfound nothing... the SL owners should make a viewer for androidtablets.. At present time android tablets do not have the graphics capabilityto support Second Life, there is however software available thatallows limited access to the (MORE)

How can you learn to use your Android tablet?

lots of videos on you tube. just search LEARN TO USE ANDROID android phones have identical operating system as tablets just usually without contacts texting and phone calling capabilities what do you want to "learn"?

What can you do on Android tablet?

Here is a list: . Read Books (with Google Play Book Store) . Watch Movies (with Google Play Movies) . Download Games . Download Applications . Go to the internet . Listen to Music . ... Hope that this answer is helpful

How do you open your locked Android tablet?

It is rather easy to open your locked Android tablet. Simply enter the manufacturer's code that comes with every new Android tablet. This should immediately unlock the tablet.

How do you wipe your Android tablet?

if your talking about wiping the screen off you can use any soft rag or cloth. cotton would probably be the best. but if you really want a good screen wiper they sell them in stores such as best buy, kmart, walmart, target or at any electronics store

What features are on the Android tablet 7?

The best Android tablet is the Google Nexus 7. This tablet has the following features standard: It is lightweight (.76 pounds), has a headphone jack, with a Micro-USB port in the middle of bottom edge. The camera is 1.2 megapixels and has a fantastic battery life.

How expensive is the new tablet android?

The new Android Tablet costs about $150 on online websites, such as Amazon and Ebay. But dealer or high-end tablets for commercial use could cost up to 200 to 300 dollars.

Can you watch Netflix on a android tablet?

Yes. To watch Netflix on your android tablet you must first, download the Netflix app from the Google Play Store. Then, you must launch the app and sign in to your Netflix account.

Do Android tablets have Flash Player?

Because HTML5 has become the standard, you can no longer be able todownload Flash Player in the Google Play Store. You can downloadand install Flash Player thru Adobe directly in their ArchivedFlash Player Versions page.

What is a Android tablet?

An Android tablet is a larger iteration of the Android OS-poweredsmartphone. Most are around 7 inches but can go as large as 12inches (ex: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2). They can be eitherwifi-only or connected.

How do you get your android tablet to work?

So this is the story. My tablet was about 40 percent left, and I was going to sleep so I thought it was my tablet plug which wasn't it was my small computer's plug, but they looked exactly alike! So when I put it in which it had fit because they look alike, and my tablet when white, and completely s (MORE)