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Wolves pack up with up to thirteen other wolves perhaps more and together they use strategies to hunt their prey. They are extremely smart and also very loving and protective of their members. Also, when an older male wolf reaches a point at his life where he is not so powerful anymore he may be booted out to make room for the younger males vying for his spot. Wolves howl as a way of communication and they are also very playful together.
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How do you get the smart wolf in wolf team?

Go to shop, then go to power ups, with the tattoos and stuff, and select second wolf mutation. After the item is in invent, and you're playing, wolf conquest/wolf war/ex-conqu

Who s the wolf in Teen wolf?

So far there are three wolves; two beta's and one alpha. The "teen wolf", who is a beta is Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey. The second beta is Derek Hale, played by Tyler

What is beta wolf in a wolf pack?

Well, normally, the word Beta means second in command. Like say there is a wolf pack made up of Jeff, Billy, Bob, Joe, Mack, Justin, Jessie, and Jessica. Jeff is the alpha and

What is a wolf?

The Wolf (Canis Lupus) is a bigger, furrier and wilder animal but  is related to the dog.    Answer:   The Gray Wolf, also called the Timber Wolf or just wolf (Can

What is a specimen wolf on wolf quest?

A specimen wolf is a basic type of wolf which isn't trying to harm you, but when it does, it gives in very easily. However, I have met a specimen male which killed me, so ther

What is a slough wolf on wolf quest?

a slough wolf is a pack leader on wolf quest 1 on single player or a member in the pack and on wolf quest two they have no slough wolfs they have a creek called slough creek b

What is a she-wolf?

The following paragraph is from the webstie: http://www.floria-publications.com/Italy/Italian culture/roma and the shewolf.htm Is the origin of Roma's history, mythology or le
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What is a druld wolf on wolf quest?

A Druid wolf is just a wolf from the Druid pack (of wolves). There is 3 wolf packs in wolf quest (amethyst mountain). I can't remember the names of the other packs, but that's
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Is a gray wolf a timber wolf?

No, but a timber wolf is a grey wolf. The timber wolf is a subspecies of the grey wolf, which also includes Arctic Wolves, Mexican Gray Wolves, domestic dogs and dingoes (dome

Is there a wolf game that you can be a wolf?

Yes, there is Zelda Twighlight Princess, Wolfquest, and Jade Wolf 1, 2, and 3. I am sorry if the Twilight Princess is not a wolf game, I just kept it in because it was here be
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Why did the boy cry wolf wolf?

I'm assuming you're talking about the story: This kid, we'll call him George, had to babysit some sheep way back when. Well, George didn't want to or something and got bored.

Am i a wolf?

Yes not a human because I don't think it's just that you can see  how I feel so much for me knowing that I don't have the human body  anymore but in this case I believe that