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Anything they want.... lol
Wolves pack up with up to thirteen other wolves perhaps more and together they use strategies to hunt their prey. They are extremely smart and also very loving and protective of their members. Also, when an older male wolf reaches a point at his life where he is not so powerful anymore he may be booted out to make room for the younger males vying for his spot. Wolves howl as a way of communication and they are also very playful together.
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Do wolves kill other wolves?

Yes, wolves will kill wolves from other packs, as well as adult lone wolves.

How do wolves tell which wolves are in their pack?

By scent. Each wolf has a different scent. Rarely a wolf can tell a pack member by a characteristic they have or how they act within the pack. But mostly by their scent.

How do wolves react to other wolves?

Well as you may or may not know wolves live in groups called packs. They have 6-24 members in their group! So wolves are not independent they are very social. But some wolves

How do wolves communicate with other wolves?

Communication in a pack of wolves can be from howling to barking. The usual dog sounds. Those are a couple of ways that wolves communicate. Wolves also communicate through b

What eats wolves and what do wolves eat?

A bear or a mountain lion may kill and eat a wolf, but usually wolves are not the prey of choice. Wolves hunt in packs to kill food like deer, sheep, and other big animals. Th

What do wolves do?

Wolves play-fight when they are pups (babies). As they get older they start to hunt with their pack (wolves ususlly live in groups of 3-6). When hunting a pack will surround t

Do wolves hunt others wolves?

No, wolves absolutely do not hunt each other. The wolves in a pack are loyal to each other in every way, although wolves may fight with other packs if they cross territories.

Why do wolves fight other wolves?

Wolves fight other wolves either because they are threatened, challenged, asserting rank, or fighting over food/mate/land or are angry.

What do wolves do with sick wolves?

The sick wolves follow the pack but stays at a distance and scavenges off what the wolves eat. The wolves care about that sick one too.

About wolves can you tell me about wolves?

wolves are animals and can come in many different shapes and sizes and colors. wolves are cute to me and hunt for their prey. if you get close to a wolf it won't kill you many

Can wolves eat other wolves?

yes but they usually don't do this generally- they do attack other wolves if they don't eat them (that's not a usual act either) Yes, if the pack of wolves are in a harsh wint

How do wolves help other wolves?

Depends on how they help each other. In a pack or separate lone wolves? Pack--they hunt with each other, play with each other, clean each other, show affection, show loyalty,