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What can you do if you play regular DVD's in your Blu-ray player and your Blu-ray player wont' play Blu-ray DVD's anymore?

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If the player won't play Blu-Rays as well as it used to, it most likely needs an update or probably needs to be taken to a place to check for any possible errors and/or malfunctions
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Can regular DVD's be played on Blu-ray DVD's?

  A Blu ray player will play a standard DVD (as long as the region code is compatible). You should check your Blu ray player for upscaling capability (with upscaling, th

Can you play Blu-ray dvd's through wii?

No, the only "Game Console", so far, that can play a BlueRay is the PS3. It is possible with a cracked Wii via a Samba (SMB) share from a laptop/PC with a blu ray drive in