What can you do if your name is on the title and the insurance is in your name but someone else drives it and has out standing traffic tickets. Will that affect the cost of insurance for me.?

Title Transfer Just call your states Vehicle titles and registrations office. If the car is paid off and ownership has transferred to another person who has failed to transfe (MORE)

How do you get insurance for someone else on a car whose title is in your name?

Just go to your agent and tell him that the other person will be driving your car, either regularly or occassionally. If it is a member of your household (including live-in bo (MORE)

Can I get insurance on an automobile if the title is in someone elses name?

Usually yes, unless there is some specific reason why not. as long as the car is legally owned and registered to someone. If the driver doesn't have a license, has a motor cou (MORE)

Can you get insurance in your name with someone else on the title?

No. You cannot insure something that you do not own. If you purchase insurance on a vehicle that you have no interest in the insurance company cannot pay you for any damage be (MORE)