What can you do in Australia?

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Fraser island
climb the sydney harbour bridge
botony bay
kings canyon
sydney opra house
view from sydney tower tallest building in sydney
great barrier reaf
have your picture taken with a kowala
picnic in national parks
sydney's botanical gardens
and lots more
Basically the same things you can do in any western country As well as visit the Australian countryside and sea side where we have some of the worlds most unique wild life Forrest's, Deserts and sea life. It is a great place for everything from an adventure with real risks to a comfortable holiday among people that are friendly and used to dealing with persons from many different cultures.
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Where is Australia?

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere: that is why it is sometimes called "Down Under". The Australian continent is positioned between the Pacific and the Indian Oce

What is Australia?

Australia is an island continent of 7,686,850 sq km. It is divided into six states and two territories (Tasmania being an island state). The country of Australia fits exactly

What is in Australia?

Kangaroos and Wombats, People, big buildings, roads - you choose Don't forget Dingos, Wallabies, Crows, Red Back Spiders, Pubs, Beer...

Who are from Australia?

people from australia are called Australians, like the US australiais a melting pot of different cultures, mostly decendants of POME'S(Prisoners Of Mother England, criminals s

Is Australia the country in Australia the continent?

The country of Australia includes the continental island and some of the surrounding islands. The country of Australia expands beyond the continental surface land mass of Aus

What does Australia have?

Australia has many things: . A population of just 23 million in a continent that coversabout 7 659 861 sq km. . The largest number of native marsupials of any continent. .

Is Australia east or west of Australia?

Australia is in Australia. And therefore neither east nor west of itself. If that makes any sense. It's abundantly clear that your question does not.
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What is Australia who is Australia multicultural yes?

It depends whereabouts in Australia you go. Outside the major cities, it tends to be pretty singular in culture ie. West European influence. In the cities, though, you will fi
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When did they call Australia Australia?

1824. The name "Australia" was first proposed by sea explorer Matthew Flinders in the early 1800s, as part of the full name Terra Australis, meaning Southern Land. The actua
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Why do you have Australia?

We have Australia now because it was colonised by the British in1788.