What can you do in Florida?

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Many types of water activities including canoeing, kayaking, sailing, powerboating, water skiing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling. Fresh and salt water.

See the Everglades.

Visit Disney World and the many other theme parks in the Orlando area.

Hike on the Florida trail.

Take a cruise.

The weather is mild, and near the ocean even the summers are nice. You can be outdoors in shorts and a t-shirt on all but a few days (today happening to be one of them) per year.
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How do you get to Florida?

you can fly, take a boat, drive, swim! depends where you are living. if you want directions, i have no answer because i don't no where u are from. hope this helps.

Who are Florida?

Florida are the state in the south eastern us that is shaped like a giant wang its full of hookers and old people ^^and that above is total bs

How do you Florida?

How do you what Florida? Your question is missing at least a word!

What does Florida have there?

Florida has beaches, the Everglades, big cities, small towns, pretty much everything except mountains and deserts. --hot weather and sunny skies even when it's raining
In Florida

Why is Florida clalled Florida?

its called florida because the spain i think named it La florida meaning the flower island so now it is florida because it is not a island like the spanish thought it was i mi