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You can go to the beach, Lava Tree State Park on the Big Island, Waimea Canyon on Kauai, sea parks shoping. Almost anything
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Is Hawaii a country?

Hawaii is one of the states of the U.S.A and therefore not a country. Originally, Hawaii was an independent nation ruled by a king. The US annexed the country and it became the 50th state in 1959. You can obtain postage stamps from Hawaii in the 1800's. Hawaii is far from North American continent and the continental United States but it is still counted as a state of the U.S.A Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America. Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America.

How do you get to Hawaii?

By a 5hr 30min flight from California of by cruise ship. By sea or by air. Mainly by air as it is a long journey fromanywhere by sea. Even by air it is a long journey wherever in theworld you are coming from.

Does Hawaii have an island named Hawaii?

Yes, there is an island called "Hawai'i" in the archipelago. The island has several nicknames: "Big Island" "Orchid Island" and "Volcano Isle," which are used to distinguish the island from the state, since they both bear the same name. Even more confusing is the fact that the Big Island is in the County of Hawai'i as well. To avoid confusion, island residents typically refer to their island as "The Big Island." The name of the island, the county and the state is derived from the Polynesian word for homeland: " Sawaiki"

Who did you take Hawaii from?

the king and queen of Hawaii Queen Liliokalani and i forgot the queen's name PS i live in Hawaii THE SHORT TRUTH There were many instances one after another that lead to the current occupation by the United States. Internationally, it began with the landing of the U.S. Marines by U.S. Foreign Minister J. Stevens, who by the request of the few select men that overthrow the Hawaiian Government was responsible for what was deemed as a crime by Pres. Cleveland after he sent James H. Blount to investigate. The President, after the findings, requested that these insurgents restore the Queen to her throne but they refused and the U.S. was not going to harm their own men.

Who settled in Hawaii?

New England Missionaries and whalers, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Puerto Rican contract laborers, a few who jumped ship and a very small number of merchants from the Russia-American Company. All made their own imprint on the development of what would become the State of Hawaii.

What are mined in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a volcanic island and was put there due to volcanoes. They haven't really been there long enough to allow anything in them to be mined. There is no real resource in the island because it is only a few million years old. Therefore nothing is really mined there but you would find a nice large amount of Granite covering the island.

What is the meaning of Hawaii?

CORRECTED: Aloha. Answer: "HA", in Hawai`i, is the "breathe of life". There is no real English translation "WAI" is "fresh water", or "The water of life", or "living waters". "I" is, for one thing, the concept of a supreme God, or conscienceness. If you put these all together, Hawai`i, actually pronounced ha-vwy-ee (with the e being completely separate), means..... God breathed life to the waters. Hawaii means aloha which means hello/goodbye/love

What borders Hawaii?

Hawaii consists of a group of islands, set in the Pacific Ocean. It does not physically border on any other state or country, so you would have to say that the Pacific Ocean itself borders Hawaii.

Who colonized Hawaii?

The United States colonized Hawaii officially in 1898 when President McKinley had a treaty of annexation signed that made Hawaii a territory of the US. :) _________________ There is no treaty of annexation for Hawaii; Hawaii technically isn't suppose to be part of the U.S. ------------------------ NO ONE colonized Hawai'i. A country can only colonize territories that are not self-governing. The British colonized the east coast of North America, which later became the U.S. The 13 original colonies were non self-governing territories before they were "colonized". Hawai'i had achieved it's independence in 1843, becoming the first non-European/non European-originating country to be recognized as a sovereign state. Because Hawai'i was indeed self-governing, it could NOT be colonized because it already had a recognized government. And there is NO treaty of annexation. The treaty submitted to the U.S. senate in 1887 failed due to political activism. Hawai'i was never legally annexed to the U.S.

What is the symbol of Hawaii?

Hawaii has a variety of symbols. The state's flower symbol is theYellow Hibiscus. The Monk seal is the state animal. The Hula is thestate dance.

How did Hawaii originate?

Answer . The Hawaiian Island Chain is formed from volcanism created by a 'hot spot' in Earth's mantle. The oceanic crust continues to move in relation to the fixed hot spot, thus creating an arc shaped chain of islands.

Volcanos in Hawaii?

There are five active volcanoes found in Hawaii. These volcanoesare Loihi, Kilauea. Mauna Loa, Hualalai, as well as Haleakala.

How is the weather in Hawaii?

Very warm and moist almost all of the time. A lot of cars don't have heaters, houses don't have heat. Once when I visited the temp dropped into the fifties and my brother was sitting in front of the open stove and the kids went to school wearing borrowed sky parkas.

Hawaii to Cuba?

It is 5000 miles (Approx.). Note that this is a straight distance between the twoplaces. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path or road/sea routechosen.

When did Hawaii get the name Hawaii?

No one is exactly sure when or how Hawai'i got the name Hawai'i. Historians suggest that the name Hawai'i came from the ancient Polynesians' word for homeland. Hawaiki and Ohwyhee. "HA", in Hawai`i, is the "breathe of life". There is no real English translation "WAI" is "fresh water", or "The water of life", or "living waters". "I" is, for one thing, the concept of a supreme God, or conscienceness. If you put these all together, Hawai`i, actually pronounced ha-vwy-ee (with the e being completely separate), means..... God breathed life to the waters. A hui hou. Originally the Europeans called them the Sandwich Islands. In Tahiti, it is Ra'iatea, although that name is new; its old name was Havai'i. In the Cook Islands it is 'Avaiki; the Maoris of Aotearoa (New Zealand) have Hawaiki; and in Samoa it is Savai'i. Those are just a few alterations of the name, but there are probably more plus, as I said, the name of the ancient homeland.

Then what is Hawaii?

Hawaii is the newest of the 50 U.S. states (August 21, 1959), and is the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands. It occupies most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United States, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. Hawaii's natural beauty, warm tropical climate, inviting waters and waves, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists alike. Due to its mid-Pacific location, Hawaii has many North American and Asian influences along with its own vibrant native culture. Hawaii has over a million permanent residents along with many visitors and U.S. military personnel. Its capital is Honolulu on the island of O'ahu.

What is to do in Hawaii?

There's actually a lot to do such as visit the Pearl Harbor memorial visit beaches like Ala Moana, North Shore, Snuba which is scuba diving with a 50 foot hose above the water and the trees look amazing! have fun

How can you get to Hawaii?

The cheapest and most affordable way to get to Hawaii is by airplane. The other alternative would be by cruise ship.

How do you get into Hawaii?

The only way to get into Hawaii (or at least the most popular and most reasonable) is by plane. Most planes fly from the "mainland" of the united states (the U.S. minus Hawaii/Alaska) to Honolulu (the capital of Hawaii) airport.

What does Hawaii do?

Hawaii is only a giant hot spot about 3 miles underground. Since 1981 Hawaii has been erupting non stop with quiet and not explosive lava it has grown hundreds of feet longer then it was. Also if you didn't know all of the Hawaiin islands were made up of lava that came from deep under the ocean and sea floor. When the lava cools down it hardens and becomes a hard rock that is obviasly fertile and can grow plants and grass on it. P.S. this was wrote by a 12 year old.

What can you do when you are in Hawaii?

There is an immense variety of things to do in Hawaii, and it even ranges by island. Oahu is the most popular destination and home to Hawaii's capital Honolulu. On Oahu you can attend historical monuments (like the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor), hang out with the tourists on gorgeous Waikiki Beach, visit far more tranquil beaches along the entire periphery of the island, hit up the night life, eat at fine restaurants, and take in shows. You can surf, go shopping, play paintball, go dirt biking, go mountain biking, go hiking, go on a helicopter ride, go the the north shore, go to a movie, and go whale watching. There's a lot more but that's what I thought of.

Are there mansions in Hawaii?

Yes, there are mansions in Hawaii. Many celebrities and those that are able to invest in a mansion own properties on the Hawaiian coastlines.

What is bordering Hawaii?

only the sea which technically belongs to Hawaii too for 3 nautical miles out from shore & so is still Hawaii territory & beyond this territorial sea of Hawaii is the territorial sea of the united states for an additional 9 nautical miles & beyond that are the high seas but as a matter of legal fact the state of Hawaii is bordered entirely & only by the united states of America

What can you not take from Hawaii?

Fruits and other plants can't be taken from Hawaii, particularly because there are certain fruit flies and other insects that are present only in Hawaii. You also can't taken any lava rock, coral etc. from Hawaii because it is extremely bad luck to do so. You can take shells though, and if you go to Dole cannery, they can inspect and package the pineapples so customs will allow to to take it on the airplane leaving Hawaii.

Why does Hawaii have its motto?

Hawaii's motto (Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono) dates back to when Hawaii was not part of the United States, however, it has been kept as all other states have mottos for example California's is 'Eureka' and New York's is 'Excelsior'

Is it windy in Hawaii?

some parts are; such as waimea, waikoloa, on the summits of mauna kea and mauna loa, etc. but it is still sometimes windy in kona, hilo (but hilo is very rainy) and other parts, it it isnt as frequent as other places.

Is there lightning in Hawaii?

There is lightning in Hawaii... but it only occurs only occasionally. It does not occurr like it does on other (more humid) areas such as south Florida.

How is the soil in Hawaii?

The type of soil in Hawaii really depends on where in the State you are. Some places have particularly risk soil while others have nothing but cinders and lava rock. A lot of farming is done in Hawaii, but mainly on the Big Island, Kauai and Maui.

Is there a water in Hawaii?

Yes there is, there are lakes,bays, streams and more. F.Y.I there is water around it two.(lol like people don't know)

What will you need for Hawaii?

Rubber slippers (a.k.a. thongs); swimsuit/surfshorts; sunscreen; tennis shoes (if you plan on Hiking anywhere); shorts; tank tops. A word of advice... if you're traveling to Hawaii on vacation, don't wear "aloha" print clothes. ESPECIALLY don't wear matching aloha print shirts and shorts... this is like wearing a sign saying you are a tourist...and don't rent an electric walker!!!

Are there beggars in Hawaii?

hawaii isnt a deserted place and people live in huts and wear grass skirts! ad not everyone who lives here is hawaiian. and we dont have luaus everyday and no everyone dances hula... we speak english people! so yes there are beggars.

Where are the islands of Hawaii?

In the North Pacific Ocean south west of California near the international date line. About 4 hours plane ride from Los Angeles

Is there a zara in Hawaii?

Sadly there's no Zara in Hawai'i. However, I believe, that in 2014or 2015 one will open in Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Why is Hawaii named Hawaii?

Its named Hawaii, because King Kamehamah (the king of Hawaii) changed the name to Hawaii, when it was first named the Sandwich island from Captain James Cook. He changed it to Hawaii, because Hawaii means love!

What do you hear at Hawaii?

The absolute most prominent thing you will ever hear in Hawaii is the bird. Loud screeches, songs, calls, and caws. The time you will hear them the most is at sunrise or sunset.

What is a poem about Hawaii?

A Prose Poem On Hawaii ; No alien land in all the world has any deep, strong charm for me but that one; no other land could so longingly and beseechingly haunt me sleeping and waking, through half a lifetime, as that one has done. -Typed by Talaura Cothran.

Why did US get Hawaii?

It was to get a midway point for their ships in the war, in 1898 the ships didnt have enough capacity for fuel to make it all the way their. Hawaii also helped the U.S. with trading.

What stuff does Hawaii have?

Hawaii has turtles and other stuff like that mm I'm sorry I'm just trying to think what there is on Hawaii i live here.there is a beach rivers sea and ocean animals like sharks fish turtles.

Can snow in Hawaii?

Yes- at the top of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island. At 13,000 feet, it can get cold enough to snow (and ski)

What can you bring from Hawaii?

Technically, you can bring anything, just not legally. If you've ever been out of the country (no Hawai'i isn't), it's just like that. No fresh produce, or coral, which you can't take fro sacred reasons. Other than that, you can't take anything that security doesn't let through.

Is Hawaii gone?

NO, the tsunami on 11/03/11 did not amount to much more than a 6 foot wave in certain areas. Hawaii is safe.

How did Hawaii become the Republic of Hawaii?

After the 17 January 1893 overthrow of the ruling sovereign of the Hawaiian kingdom the oligarchic executive council that ruled had expected a quick and easy annexation by the United States. When that did not happen they needed to project an air of legitimacy to the outside world so they called an election for delegates to a constitutional convention that would create a new constitution for a "Republic" of Hawaiʻi. They faced an overwhelming majority of opposition in Hawaiʻi to their plan so they declared that 19 of the 37 delegates to the convention - a majority - would be appointed by the executive council and only 18 would be elected. Even that election was tainted as in order to vote you had to swear allegiance to the new Republic and foreswear the Hawaiian monarchy which was working to restore the Queen; in effect it was a one party election. In a nation that had over 100,000 people, a little over 4,000 qualified to vote in that election. The elected delegates met in convention, a constitution was drawn up, and on 4 July 1894 the "Republic of Hawaiʻi" was declared.

When did Hawaii become a Hawaii?

Hawaii has always been Hawaii. you probably meant when it became a US state. the monarchy was over thrown in 1889 and after that it the islands were later annexed by the US. if that wasn't enough information, just Google it.

How did the annexation of Hawaii change Hawaii?

During operation pink mist in 1792 Gen. Sanchez E. Dirrdie led abatallion of phillipino midgets in a gallant charge across mt.jeranimo. Of course he lost horribly when confronted by the giantsamoa (the derivation for the girl scout cookie name) known asCheeba Chew. Three years later starbursts were named in honor ofCheeba Chew's nephew Star Chew after the hawaiins yet again foughtoff a mob of angry phillipino midgets. Unfortunately in 1845 TheEaster Island Trading Company or EIT for short successfullyconqured the island. For 40 long years the ruling Chew family ledan underwater guerilla campaign with the assistance of Atlantis.Now many may argue that at this point Atlantis had backed out ofcivilization altogether but based on several documents from MondoChew this is not true. And that's how the Axeman changed Hawaii!