What can you do in Nepal?

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In Nepal
vell basically we sit wit our famoly an we sing to chwissmas carols
we eating noodol al de tyme
yano we love maths
it my second langu-age
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Where is Nepal located?

Nepal is located in Asia, north of India and right next to China Nepal is also an independent country

Who is the head of Nepal?

The President is the main person we know so obviously its got to be the president Ram Baran Yadav

Was Nepal colonized?

No. As above, but the Ghurkas have been helping the British Army for a very long time. Cause & effect, you might think.....

What do they eat in Nepal?

One of the main foods eaten in Nepal is Dal Bhat Tarkari - Dal is a sort of lentil soup, Bhat is Rice and Tarkari is a cooked vegetables. It is traditionally eaten with the right hand. Other foods include Momos (similar to Chinese dumplings) and special foods at festival times. People also eat "gund (MORE)

What festivals do they have in Nepal?

Nepal has many colourful festivles, such as fagu purnima or holi; dashain, tihar etc. These festivals are the times when the LARGE families get together and share love and care. You will enjoy Holi, the festival of colours!!!

What is Nepal famous for?

Nepal is famous for the eight of the world's ten tallest mountainswhich includes MOUNT EVEREST, biggest Hindu temple of Lord Shiva inthe world and for beautiful places like Pokhara and AnnapurnaCircuit, Khumbu and Langtang for trekking. Nepal is also famous for trekking and hiking and one of the m (MORE)

What mountains are there in Nepal?

Nepal is a mountanous country. The highest peak of the world, Mt. Everest; Annapurna, Machapuchre, Manasalu, Api, Saipal, Kanchanjunga, Ganesh Himal, Gaurishankar etc... are the major mountains. There are a lot more...

Minerals of Nepal?

Minerals of Nepal are as follows . 1. Quartz 2. Graphite 3. Corundum 4. tourmaline 5. Garnet 6 Kyanite . 7 silliminite 8. Beryl 9 Mica

What are the rivers of Nepal?

Nepal is the second richest country in water resources. Nepal has 6000 rivers and watersheds. The largest river of Nepal is Koshi, longest is Karnali, and some others are trishuli, kankai, bheri, rapti, saptakoshi, mechi, mahakali, seti, bagmati, arun, tamor etc.

Who are the participants from Nepal?

Nepal is sending a team of eight athletes to the 2008 Games in Beijing:. Athletics: Ajun Basnet, Kamala Thapa Judo: Debu Thapa Shooting: Maya Kyapchaki Swimming: Karishma Karki, Prasiddha Jung Shah Taekwondo: Deepak Bista Weightlifting: Kamal Bahadur Adhikari

What is the Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country located in Asia continent. In north it borders China and on others it borders India. It is a mountainous country mostly and plain on the southern side. The capital city is Kathmandu which is mix of urban and traditional. 8 of the tallest mountains in the world are locat (MORE)

Is Nepal in China?

no. Nepal is its own separate country, although it is situated very close to china.

Climate in Nepal?

The climate of Nepal may vary greatly from area to area. There aremountainous regions which are cold, and tropical regions which arehot and humid.

What landmarks are in Nepal?

Himalaya Mountains Mt. Everest... 8/10 of the world's highest peaks. Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha. . Janakpur, birthplace of Sita

Heads of Nepal?

President - Ram Baran Yadav . Vice President - Parmanand Jha . Prime Minister - Madhav Kumar Nepal

How did Nepal get its name?

There are many views on Nepal getting its name.\nSome say that many years ago, there was a sage called "Nepal rishi", he created this kingdom, whereas by words, "Ne" means Wool and "Pal" means house. So, Nepal is a wool house as it has the himalayas, the yaks and sheep.

Religions in Nepal?

Main religion of Nepal is Hinduism(more than 80%). other minorities mainly constitute buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

Cities in Nepal?

Kathmandu, Nepalganj and Biratnagar. See the link below for information on the cities of Nepal.

Is Nepal in the u.s.?

Very funny. Nepal is an independent country. It was never colonized by any other counties. No British colony no any colony. It is a country In South Asia near China and India.

Why is nepal poor?

Nepal is poor because Nepal is landlocked country as there is no sea access in Nepal.

What does Nepal export?

clothing, carpets, leather goods, jute goods (a plant fiber used in making ropes or sacks), pulses (a legume), and grain

Is Nepal rich?

\nNepal is not a rich country but is one of the most poorest countries of the world.

Who colonized Nepal?

because nepal is contiguous in india, india is colonized by british so nepal is british as you can see the people in india and nepal they are differeces like there suits and cultural dance.

What climate do Nepal have?

the Nepal weather is manly always dry but not always because they have slopes for the water to come down into there crops(rice).

What is the city of Nepal?

Nepal is a country, not a city. It's located in the Himalaya Mountains between China and India; it's also the country of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. The capital of Nepal is the city of Kathmandu.

Which animals are in Nepal?

Yaks, tigers, monkeys, dogs, cats, rhinos, deer, elephants, and massive crickets, butterflies and dragonflies, to name a few. there are also mosquitos and leeches in the jungle region, so pack malaria tablets.

How is Nepal poor?

Nepal was already one of the poorest countries in Asia. Now, on top of a decade of conflict, life has become even more difficult, as poor people are facing physical insecurity, shortages, rising costs of basic goods, difficulties in making a living, and reduced access to health, education, clean wat (MORE)

Is Nepal hilly?

Yes, most part of Nepal is hilly. But Nepal has three geographical regions. They are Himalayan region, Hilly region and Terai region. The Himalayan region has mountains like Mt. Everest and other six tallest mountains in the world. The hilly region has rough land and capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu (MORE)

Where is Nepal country?

Nepal lies toward north of India and south of china. Actually its between these two gaint nations. Though small, Nepal has its own identity through its unique geographical feature...

When did Nepal get independence?

There is no such day Nepal has Independence like other mostly country has, Nepal in lands is not may be so huge but in hearts and in braveness is big than some other don't have, TILL NOW THERE IS NO COUNTRY STANDS TO THOSE BRAVE NEPALESE TO CAPTURE IT, so Nepal was never dependent on any country i (MORE)

Why is Nepal beautiful?

its because most of the eight thousander Himalayas are located in Nepal including the Mt. Everest. and most of the country is mountains and hills which looks exotic.

Who discovered Nepal?

I presume the people who live there, since Nepal has been inhabited for hundreds of thousands of years.

What climate is Nepal?

Its hot and humid in Terai region, pleasant in hilly reason ( cold at night in winter) and cold in Mountain region.

How was Nepal formed?

Geologically, Nepal is part of large fold blocks formed when the Indian sub-continent ploughed into the Asian continent. This movement continues, driven by the forces of plate tectonics. The pattern of the Himalayan rivers easily show some of the history of this movement. The political formation o (MORE)

Did Nepal colonise?

No. Nepal never colonised. It is one of the few asian coutries thatnever colonised. The British East India Company was trying tocolonise it but they could not beat Nepalese soldiers however Nepallost 1/3 of their land in a treaty called Sugauli Treaty.

Why is Nepal important?

In what sense, as a country? for its past contibutions to the world?, for its topography?, come on be more specific!

Why is there no navy in Nepal?

really there are no seas next to nepal. what you gonna have lake warfare? LOL just answer my question all so how to do the banzai drop ok? Nepal is beast

Is Nepal a nation?

Yes it is. It is a poor nation that relies on tourist's money who want to look at and climb Mt. Everest.

Do the have Lamborghinis in Nepal?

Yes,Lamborghini is in Nepal.It was bought by one of the richest men of Nepal.It was bought in August,2012.He also said that he will ride it only in Durbar Marg and in Bhakatpur 6 line way in Nepal.

Does Nepal have regions?

Yes, it has 5 development regions. 1. Eastern Development Region 2. Central Development Region 3. Western Development Region 4. Mid-Western Development Region 5. Far-Western Development Region

What is came from in Nepal?

The Goji berry came from Nepal. Pronounced (go-jee) Its a berry that grows in the Himalayan Alps. The berry is concentrated into a juice that is used for medical purposes such as back pain, headaches, inflammations associated with sore joints including arthritis, circulation symptoms, poor libido in (MORE)