What can you do when you get to Europe?

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That is a question that is impossible to answer because there are so many things you could do in Europe. There are many places to go, things to see, food to eat, experiences to have, people to meet, culture to see, music to hear and so on. The best is to go and enjoy it and have fun.
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Where is Europe?

Answer . . . Europe is not an island nor a country but a continent which is located Eastward from the U.S. is divided by the North Atlantic ocean. Asia is to it's East. Europ

What is Europe?

Europe is one of the worlds seven continents like Africa and Asia

For you Europe is.?

\na fun place to live. I personally prefer eastern and central europe.

Why is Europe called Europe?

In ancient Greek mythology, Europa was a Phoenician princess whom Zeus abducted and took to the island of Crete. Later, Europa became a name for the area of central-north Gr

Why is Europe the coldest place in Europe?

Europe is situated in northen hemisphere and is near to the North pole. So it is the coldest place in europe. When you consider that Europe is in Europe (for the same reaso

What can you do in Europe?

i can find lot of opportunity in various sector such as study, seeing beautiful sight------

How do the mountains of Europe effect Europe?

The mountains of Europe are also known as a barrier, or obstacle. The early settlers of Europe could not get past the mountains, so they just made their settlements there. I w

When did we start calling Europe Europe?

It is not really known when the continent became known as Europe, all that we know is that the name comes from the Greek Mythological person Europa, a Phoenician woman who had

Are there opossums in Europe?

There are no opossum species native to Europe, but the Virginia Opossum of North America has spread to Europe and Asia.

Where is Europe in Greece?

i assume you mean 'where is Greece in Europe' Greece is in the Mediterranean, by Turkey, Albania & Italy
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Where in Europe is 47 degrees in Europe?

It depends on what you mean by 47˚. Do you mean 47˚ Celsius? If so, then this temperature is achieved in multiple countries throughout Europe, mostly the Mediterranean
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Who sailed from Europe then back to Europe?

Many explorers have done it, most famously Christopher Columbus. Many ordinary sailors have done it too, so it would be impossible to list all the people who have done it.