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What can you do with an Associate in Arts degree in Humanities?

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The best place for the answer to this question is the college offering the degree. The division office or academic department that offers the degree should have information on the kinds of jobs their graduates have obtained.
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Can you teach art at a high school with an associates degree in arts?

Traditionally, many aspiring art teachers complete a bachelor's degree program in art education. However, students can also become art teachers after obtaining a bachelor's de

Is associate in applied arts the same asassociate of arts degree?

Answers . Whenever so see the word "Applied" within a degree title, you know there is going to be a difference. The "Applied" degrees are what we call "Career Oriented," me

Is an associates of arts better than associates of science degree?

It's not that one is better than the other, it's just that they are somewhat different in approach to a specific field of study. Read the following for a better understanding

What is the difference in an Associates of Science degree in education and an Associates of Arts degree in education?

An Associate of Arts (A.A.) program is a two-year course of study that covers the core materials needed to complete the first two years of a four-year bachelor's degree. The A

What is the difference between Associate of Science and Associate of Arts Degree?

The Associates of arts is designed as a fully transferable degree to a four year college or university for those pursing a Bachelors degree. It serves to complete most of the

What is the difference between an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Science degrees?

A.A - Associate of Arts degree is the credential you earn after completing 2 years of study. The presumption for an A.A is that you want to continue your education to a 4-year

What jobs can you get with an associate degree in Human Services?

Some jobs you might get with an associate's degree in human services are: Case Management aide Social Work Assistant Community Support Worker Mental Health Aide Commu

What is the difference between associates arts degree and general education?

An associates of arts is a degree which covers many types of programs. For example, liberal arts, communication, education, fine arts, etc. Typically, there are three types of

What types of jobs can you get with an associates degree in media arts and communications?

  Answer   Well, I hate to be negative BUT from my experience,mostly NOTHING-depending on the school you attended. It really comes down to the type of INTERNSHIP you

What kind of job can you get with an associates in arts or sciences degree?

Jobs with an Associate's Degree It depends on the field. An "Associate of Arts" or an "Associate of Science" is a type of degree that is awarded in many different fields, from

What are the advantages of getting an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree?

Answer . In general, neither one has an advantage over the other. Every degree program of study (Major) at the Associates level will fall into one of three areas, an Assoc

How can I earn an Associate degree in liberal arts?

Here is some information that could be useful. An associates degree is basically an undergrad degree that you canachieve from a community college, junior college, technicalcol

What is an associate of arts in business degree?

The associate of arts degree (two year program) in business is typically designed for individuals who wish to pursue a bachelors degree after completion of the associates degr

What kind of jobs are available with an associate of arts degree?

Many organizations, including federal, state, local agencies and those in the corporate sector, recognize the benefits of hiring individuals in entry level positions with a we