What can you do with your mom?

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You can go the mall, movies, or restaurants.
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What is a mom?

A mom (mother) is someone who cares for her children whether theyare hers by blood, marriage, or adoption.

What is your mom?

A fun person who is loving, and smart, and cares for her children... and occasionally has to apologize for them..

What is Mom?

A mom is a person that gave birth to you. Really, you should know that by now.

What does a mom do?

Most mothers do so many things they cannot all be mentioned, but here are a few: . When a child is very young they calm their child down when they may have nightmares and

How does your mom do it?

Do what? Make sandwiches? Cause that's all women are used for. Making sammiches. Mine puts on some peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other and sticks them together.

What is a mom for?

to take care of you when you're sick. and to listen to you. A mom is: Your personal rowdy rooter!

What can you do with your mom on Saturday night?

weeeelllllll.. on a saturday night, there are ALOT of things you can do with your mum..share cups of coffee, eat chocolates, or whip out the condoms, and have a quick session

What can you do with your mom at night?

Play board games, like Scattergories and Mad Gabs. Then drink smoothies and watch "In The Land Of Women" with Adam Brody. That's what normal people do with their moms, anyway
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How can you get your mom to you?

Shout her Name (mom/mum). Ring/Text her Number. Slap her in the Face (wake up call).
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Why does your mom get on to you?

Your mom gets on to you because they want wants best for you and for you to know right from wrong
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How do you get your mom to?

Children have very limited options on "getting their mom to" doanything, unless what the mom is not doing constitutes actualneglect or abuse. You could try asking very polite
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How do your mom?

Adolf Hitler's mother was an Austrian woman named Klara Hiter.