What can you give your cat for pain in back leg?

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Take them to the vets. It happened to my cat 2 days ago and shes recovering really well
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Lower back pain and leg pain?

Some people think that just like other problems, one should also rest or lie down if he is suffering from back pain. In reality, one should move the pain area as much as possi

Leg pain and back pain after conceiving?

I think what you are asking is if leg pain/back pain are early symptoms of conception. Back pain is sometimes experienced right after conception, but the early hormone cha

How can you treat back pain and leg pain?

Rest, Painkillers, are an approach used by some. Most studies show that maintaining a level of gentle activity results in less pain and sooner return to normal than rest. In

What can I give my cat to ease its pain?

If you believe your cat is in pain, your vet will be able to prescribe medication that is safe to give to your cat. Aspirin and any other human medication, no matter how smal

What does pain in the back of the leg mean?

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Why are your Cats back legs stiff?

There are a few reasons why a cat's back legs are stiff, from possible infection or an injury. It is highly recommended that the cat is taken to the vet immediately as it coul

Cat kicking back legs in pain?

Lumbosacral is pain at the end of the spine on a cat and it cancause them to kick their hind legs. Fleas and their bites may be areason a cat kicks their back legs in pain. Ta