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What can you give your cat for pain in back leg?

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Take them to the vets. It happened to my cat 2 days ago and shes recovering really well
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Can you give Ibuprofen to cats for pain?

No - ibuprofen (and all other human pain medications like Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, aspirin, etc) are toxic to cats and even a single pill can be fatal. If you believe your cat i

Can you give baby aspirin to a cat in pain?

Aspirin. Yes, you can give 1/4th of a baby aspirin to a cat but ONLY once every 72 hours. The cat is missing a liver enzyme that helps break down aspirin. This causes aspir

Can lower chronic back pain cause weak legs?

Yes it can because the sciatic nerve runs from the low back down to the sole of the foot. If this nerve is pinched then you can experience weakness in the legs. You need to se

Is pain down your back or legs while pregnant normal?

The book I grabbed "Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week" by Glade B. Curtis had this to say about: Many women experience an occasional excruciating pain in their buttocks and down

Why does my cat lick her back legs excessively?

If you don't see any sores or anything on it's legs then it sounds like your cat has developed a bad habit. I had a cat once that sucked it's tail. Try to get the cats attenti

Can anxiety cause back and leg pain?

Yes! Anxiety and depression can cause so many things to happen to your body-the mental symptoms turn into physical ones, sometimes.

Why can't your cat walk on its back leg?

  Answer   Your cat should be taken the the vet and have their leg looked at. It could be broken or have a sore on it that is infected. Good luck and God Bless:)

What over the counter pain meds to give cats?

Never give a cat Tylenol, or any other human medicine. If you believe your cat is in pain, take it to the vet who can prescribe medication that is safe and at the correct dosa

What might be the cause of a cat losing hair on the back legs?

Pet hair-loss can be related to a variety of different diseases or disorders but two of the most common reasons are mange or allergies. If it is just on your cat's back legs,

What to give a cat for pain after having kittens?

Suggestion Do not give a cat aspirin it can be fatal to them. The cat should be comfortable after giving birth. If she is in obvious pain, take her to a vet. Cats are very