What can you hear in Nicaragua?

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pop, rock, raggae,fiddle gutair and the and a hammer is beaten on a drum for music.
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What is Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a country in central America on the continent of South America. . It's a country

What are facts on Nicaragua?

There are 13 volcanoes in Nicaragua.. The official language is Spanish. . Baseball is the most popular sport. . Lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake in Central Ame

What celebrations are there in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua celebrates New Years, Christmas, Easter, Holy Thursday,Good Friday and Immaculate Conception. But it also celebrates nonreligious holidays such as Air Force Day, Arm

What are the landforms of Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has a varied assortment of landforms. With 13 mountainsand 3 mountain ranges, the topography is challenging. Add in 16volcanoes, means you'll need to find the 1 beac

What is there to do in Nicaragua?

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Nicaragua. But the best one is MonteliMar. It is a very nice resort. There is a beach towards the back and has about 5 interconnected

Are there rainforests in Nicaragua?

Yes, Nicaragua is home of many breathtaking rainforests. Indio Maiz, Selva Negra, Bosawas, etc. In fact, most of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua is made up of rain forests.